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Top Ten Sexiest Scenes from Game of Thrones

Although it’s pretty hard to choose from all the nude and sexy scenes that Game of Thrones has provided us with, we came up with a list of ten of the sexiest scenes so far. Every season of Game of Thrones has offered us a series of outrageous sex scenes and it has been highly criticized the fact that the show doesn’t provide male nudity as much as it provides female nudity.

We often see sex scenes where characters like the “Red Woman” are totally naked and guys like “Gendry” still have their pants on unbuttoned. Nevertheless the series has no boundaries when it comes to explicit content, showing whores from brothels spreading their legs up in the air while naked, brother and sister sex and bisexual scenes.

For the average viewer these all might seem a bit too explicit but for what is worth the show encapsulates the precise lifestyle of human kind from that time. So you might say it’s a history lesson before it is a sexual one.

Sex sells

So apparently the saying “Sex sells” goes very well here too. With promising sexual content from season one, such as Daenerys’ incestuous relationship with her brother, her wedding ceremony with couples that had sex in the open air, another incestuous relationship between Cersei and Jaime, this time with children resulted, the show starts with a bang and equilibrates the amount of sex scenes in every season.

And worth mentioning would obviously be the brothel of Lord Baelish that never skips a season without a steamy scene. It would be an impossible job to pick just one best scene but a definitely favorite would be the one in which Littlefinger confesses his love for Catelyn Stark to Ros while she learns how to fuck like a professional. You probably don’t remember this because the background was too captivating to actually listen to Littlefinger’s problems.

Tool of interest

In the long run, Game of Thrones stand for power and the use of power and sex happens to manifest a lot of power. In this instinct based world of the seven Kingdoms, the rules are often made as they go and when they are applied they start fear and controversy. Here, most of the time, we find sex used as a tool of interest instead of genuine pleasure or passion. One thing is for sure, your favorite characters are all featured in a hot scene and we made the countdown for the sexiest ten scenes of all Seven Kingdoms.

10th: Prince Oberyn and Ellaria Sand bisexual scene

The Prince of the southern region in all Westeros, Dorne is arriving at King’s Landing in order to attend Joffrey’s wedding. Prince Oberyn doesn’t arrives alone, but he brings his lover, Ellaria Sand, which is a bastard with a smart mouth and wise mind. And a big sexual appetite.

They seem a bit arrogant from the beginning of their visit and a lot more when go to their favorite place in King’s Landing, the brothel, after King Joffrey is killed. They don’t waste time on mourning their dead king and head right to their happy place where they can explore further their bisexual desires and cravings for sex.

Uncanny couple

While they lay on each other’s side, Ellaria starts touching and kissing two other women and Oberyn is pleasured by a man who explains why he loves men more than women. The two lovers are seen as an uncanny couple that goes together in brothels. Prince Oberyn offers Ellaria three women from which she can choose and her preferences says everything: Not shy.


After they engage in what seems an orgy, Ellaria is interested in another boy named Olyver but this time, the boy is just gay and not bisexual. But Ellaria doesn’t cry over that because she has two other women and Oberyn who she kisses and touches from time to time. Their relationship is a free-obligations one and they seems to enjoy the, what is today called, swingers life.


An odd but charming couple, Oberyn and Ellaria got many fans on their side when they first appeared on the show. Their care-free spirit and unconventional ways of pleasuring themselves got the public’s attention. And an extra amount of attention was given to Prince Oberyn after he fought with “The Mountain” and got his head squashed previous to his apparent victory, leaving Ellaria alone in this world. But no worries, Ellaria is back in season five and she is full of hate and seeks vengeance for his lover, raising an army of her own.

9th: Melisandre seduces Gendry

The Red Priestess has often being seen as evil and mysterious but her ability to seduce men and women is not one to underestimate. She buys Gendry from the Brotherhood Without Banners in order to bring him back to Stannis Baratheon because of his blood from his father, Robert Baratheon.

Gendry is a clueless bastard and a blacksmith who was on his way to the Wall in order to join the Night’s Watch. He is taken prisoner but escapes with Arya and Hot Pie. They soon reach Brotherhood Without Banners and decides to stay there with the rest, that is until the Red Woman arrives. She takes interest in Gendry and seduces him to seem trustful in his eyes and soon leaves with him to Dragonstone.

Teasing sex scene

naked melisandre

Melisandre knows that the blacksmith boy’s blood has power because of his father’s side. After passing by Blackwater Bay, Melisandre reveals why Gendry is so important to her. In order to help Stannis with his mission she decides to sacrifice Gendry but first the two provide a hot teasing sex scene.

They both enter a sumptuous chamber where Melisandre wastes no time and starts touching and undressing him while he feels a little uncomfortable and skeptical but forgets his taught when she uncovers her luscious body in full naked. He looks right at Melisandre’s boobs and quickly softens his nerves. She grabs his hand and takes him into bed while he follows powerless. She then puts herself on top of him and takes his manhood into her own hands and puts it where it belongs while he moans.

Her sexy moves get Gendry even hotter and he doesn’t even notice at first that she ties his hands together. She then gets up while he panics and ties him really good to the bed. She still needs his blood and since he is pumped up and his blood is running wild in his veins, she takes a few leaches and puts them onto his body. Along with Stannis, they put the leaches on fire for their blood ritual.[quote text=”He didn’t taught it was a trap” align=”right”]

Pleasure trap

He is young and attractive (and attracted) and she is experienced and hot. In their sex scene, Gendry is full of lust and she is confident and sexy enough for him to feel like he’s getting a taste from the forbidden fruit. Although we know Melisandre is sneaky and not to be trusted, Gendry is a virgin and doesn’t know that.

When sir Davos asks him why did he trusted her, he says he didn’t taught it was a trap, given the fact that she was the first women who touched him and kind of took his chances. Now he must face the consequences and be locked in a cell underneath the castle. That’s what you get for trusting The Red Woman.

8th: Podrick’s reward

Daniel Portman is introduced to the story in the second season as Podrick and appears as Tyrion Lannister’s squire. He is very servant and very loyal to Tyrion and even saves his life in a battle at King’s Landing. Tyrion is moved by his gesture, having an overall belief that in a situation of crisis everyone has their own back.

To reward his brave act, he wants to give something to Podrick that will make him happy, as Bronn reminds him. So what can be more exciting for an exhausted squire after a battle than a visit to Littlefinger’s brothel?

Wildest fantasies

Podrick Payne - Game of Thrones

Podrick is brought to the brothel by Tyrion and pays three prostitutes to fulfil Podrick’s wildest fantasies. The actual sex scene isn’t captured but the presentation of the girls would make even the most unconventional person blush. Podrick doesn’t suspects anything and when he enters the brother he is overwhelmed by the situation. Girls appear from everywhere and perform acts of sexual desire in front of Podrick.

Some of them start touching him and hops on him with desire in their eyes. So it’s more about the presentation on the scene than the actual act of sex. They appear after curtains naked after Tyrion makes an introduction of each and every one of them.

They starts touching him and he is constantly shocked. One of the prostitutes spreads her legs wide open when she comes out of her curtain, come to Podrick and while doing a contortionist move she puts her pussy right in front of him with her head between her legs and her legs in the air. The scene would be overwhelming for everyone, especially presuming Podrick was still a virgin at that time.[outgoing link=”” text=”Top 10 Popular TV Series” align=”right”]

Good lover

What is even more interesting is that after Podrick returns to Tyrion and Bronn, he retrieves the money Tyrion gave him. He instantly assumes that he didn’t go through with it because he was too nervous but the truth is a different story. Podrick tells them that the girls wouldn’t take his money and they both ask him what he did wrong.

The rumor spreads out pretty fast that Podrick is such a good lover that even the whores didn’t took his money and what is more exciting is the fact that the girls can’t even describe the things Podrick did to them but they say it in a dreamy way with lust in their eyes. Tyrion wants to know if it’s about his length but Ros, one of the girls tells him that it’s not about how big it was but about the way he used it. Way to go Podrick! Who would imagine that the shy and clumsy Podrick would impress experienced prostitutes from King’s Landing brothel? Probably no one.

7th: Viserys Tragarian and Doreah bath time

If we are talking about most hated characters from Game of Thrones, Viserys Targaryan would be second after Joffrey Baratheon. You probably wonder how this cruel and pathetic character could make our list but for the first two minutes of the show he didn’t seem that bad and truth to be told, a lot of credit is given to the lovely Doreah. The purchased slave bed, offers services to pleasure and satisfy Viserys and at the same time offers some naughty advice to Daenerys too.

The art of seduction

Seeing a dragon would make me very happy”, Doreah lingers to Viserys who assumes the sky would make her happy after being so many years a bed slave. But Doreah isn’t that new to the world, as actress Roxanne McKee gets right into her character. She is Daenerys handmaid and before a sex slave of a pleasure house from the Free City of Lys since she was nine years old, sold by her mother.

Sexy Doreah

She had a three years instruction on the art of seduction before starting to perform, therefor at her series age of 24, she is quite experienced by now. Doreah is quite hot and hypnotizes the viewer by her sexual moves and eagerness of sex.When pleasuring Viserys in a bath tub, she tells him a stories of a man that could change his face the way a man changes his clothes and of pirates.

Viserys, gruesome as always, laughs at her stories and then suddenly remembers about his house being destroyed and pursues Doreah to keep pleasuring him, a thing she does with a bitter taste.

Sexy scene

The reason why Viserys was even included in this list is mostly because of Doreah and honestly he isn’t that bad at the beginning when he responds to her curiosity about the dragons. His enthusiasm and passion while talking about the dragons makes Doreah fascinated and turned on.

He feeds her fantasies by telling stories and an actual historic lesson-sex related. It isn’t bad until he ruins the mood for Doreah by reminding us once again what kind of person he really is. But for what is worth it’s always a steamy and sexy scene when Doreah comes in and especially when the beauty undresses, revealing her hot and naughty body.

6th: Margaery’s attempt to seduce Renly Baratheon

On her attempt in being “The Queen”, Margaery Tyrell marries her brother’s lover, being well aware of his sexual orientation. With her status she is perfect for marriage, especially for a young, handsome king. Of course, she fails on her wedding night when she asks if she needs to call her brother along but she makes a good go out of it. What can a girl do more than revealing her perfect body and all her curves and dirty talk? Offer to give a blowjob? Oh wait, she did that too.

Missing spark

On their wedding night, Margaery undresses revealing her slim body, small but perky boobs and starts touching her king with the hope that her beautiful body and naughty look will change her husbands’ mind. Unfortunately for both of them, Renly doesn’t feel the spark and fails to have a boner.

Margaery and Renly Baratheon

While she offers to adjust this issue, he declines feeling a bit embarrassed of the whole situation. Although Margaery’s body is one who many would not refuse, Renly has different preferences. While naked, Margaery understands the situation and promises to keep it a secret, we could say a family secret, sacrificing for the love of being a queen.

First time strip

Margaery Tyrell is an important character along the seasons and a hot one too. She showed her naked body a couple of times along the seasons but the first time Margaery stripped off her clothes was a delight to watch. He could only imagine what was going on Gethin Anthony’s mind at the time. Along with her grandmother, she conceives tactical plans that ensures her profile as future queen and she is willing to do anything to keep it that way. Even marrying a gay king that is in love with her brother.

5th: Daenerys Targaryan and Khal Drogo

Although it didn’t start as promising, Danenys’s honeymoon with Khal Drogo were the sweet and sexiest episodes from Game of Thrones. Being basically sold by her cruel brother to what seemed a barbarian for an army, Daenerys taught she was in for her doom. Neither her wedding was any brighter.

She first saw Khal from a distance as he examined the wife he bought. He offers her a horse and at their wedding ceremony, among other gifts, she receives three dragon eggs. Other than that, she was surrounded by men and women that had sex in the open air and deadly fights as wedding traditions.

Wedding night

Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryan, Khal Drogo

On their wedding night, Khal isn’t rough in the beginning. He gently touches her and slowly attempts to remove her clothes but when she tries to cover herself he turns into an aggressive man who wants to undress her as quickly as he can even if that means he has to pull her hands down. They don’t share a common language and that makes it even harder. After getting tired of being treated like a sex slave, Daenerys’s handmaid offers some lessons on how to win Khal Drogo’s respect and have sex like a true Khaleesi.

True Khaleesi lesson

One night Khal Drogo comes back into his tent and, as he is used to, tries to have sex with his wife as he usually does but this time Khaleesi refuses. The Dothraki leader doesn’t understand why and doesn’t accepts it and tries again to force things but Daenerys tells him that she wants to look in his eyes this time they have sex. [outgoing2 link=”” text=”Game of Thrones porn parody” align=”right”]

With a bit of a preparation from Doreah, Drogo is left a bit confuse but accepts her move of standing on top of him. As she pursues to have sex with him he enjoys it and is eager for more, making this the first moment they nurture feelings for each other.

The scene might surprise Daenerys clothed and Khal Drogo naked but the passion they share is over the top and makes the scene very intense. On top of that, this is the first time Daenerys turns into Khaleesi, taking control over her life and over Khal.

She learns how to be respected and how to gain respect and the importance of sex and how to obtain pleasure out of it. This is the moment of birth to the Daenerys we have come to love and admire over the seasons.

4th: Doreah teaches Daenerys how to please the Khal

Daenerys had an impressive transformation since season one where we met her as this scared and abused little sister of the last Targaryan. Since she married Khal Drogo she truly became Khaleesi the queen of the Dothraki people. But she wasn’t always this fearless queen. It took the touch of her handmaid, Doreah, for Khaleesi to rise and learn the power of sex.

Doreah, a woman who is experienced with pleasuring men, sees that Daenerys has trouble with Khal Drogo, therefore she teaches Daenerys how to become Khaleesi. The Khal is used to have sex with women that are slaves and the queen of dragons is getting tired of being treated like that. While he is satisfied after every sex match, she is left with a bitter taste and that is where Doreah comes in help.

Sexual advices

The beauties, Doreah and Daenerys

The scene is lacking of male involvement but it intense and pretty sexual. Doreah hops upon Daenerys and forces her to look into her eyes while she moves lascivious in a sexy way. The girls are clothed but we can easily admire Doreah’s perfect abdomen curling upon Daenerys’s intimate parts. She tells her that in order for Khal to fall in love with her she must keep eye contact.

While Doreah comes closer to Daenerys’s face and touches her hand, she starts telling her a story about a woman who became renowned for her sexual performances. The sexual and spiritual advices come in handy for Daenerys especially when Doreah reminds Khaleesi that the reason that Khal Drogo chose her is that he was attracted by the fact that she was different so in order for her to impress him and be seen as an equal she has to take control in their bed.

One of what seemed as a brutal scene turns into the most adorable couple sex scene and an arranged marriage that turns out for the best. After Daenerys learned the Dothraki language, she received the most respect and admiration from Khal Drogo and soon they turn out to be a beautiful power couple.

3rd: Robb and Talisa love scene

With their first meeting on the battlefield, Robb and Talisa were two characters that fell in love at the wrong time. While she was helping the victims of the war, Robb was eager to kill his way to King’s Landing. Robb was promised to a lady of House Frey in order to get their help to win the throne.

What got in the way was a little bit of love and a little bit of lust for Talisa. We all know that what is forbidden gets even more attractive and that is what happened with Robb and Talisa when they stopped the flirt and started getting psychical in a dirty and sexy sex match on the floor.

Tensed situation

They started with just glances from away, knowing each other’s status. He is the King of the North promised to another woman and she is a nurse. With military triumph against the Lannisters, Talisa from Volantis comes along the way to heal the wounded and right about then the two fall in love.

lovebirds Robb and Talisa

Unfortunately for them, Walter Frey holds an important area of strategy and for an alliance to be made, Frey request that Robb marries one of his many daughters. Unhappy with the conditions, Robb comes to Talisa and tell her what he has to do and she claims she understands for there is no other way. The two find themselves in a tensed situation and they both cave into a long desired kiss which quickly transforms into a love scene.

Best sex scenes

One of the best sex scenes that can actually be called a love scene. While Talisa tells the story of her past, to Robb is getting clear that she is the woman he loves and confesses to her that he doesn’t want to marry the Frey girl. Next we see the two lovers grabbing on to each other’s clothes and almost ripping them apart they get caught in a frenzy that they are finally touching each other’s naked bodies.

The lovebirds fall in love in a sincere and lovely way that makes their fans rooting for their success. But as we know so far it doesn’t end that way. Needless to say that “The Red Wedding” is one of the worst parts from the show where our heroes, Robb’s mother, his dire wolf and the couple’s awaited child, all die along with them.

2nd: Littlefinger’s sexy background confession

There is a certain scene in season when in the attempt of perfectioning the services that his brothel offers, Lord Baelish teaches Ros and another girl how to sound when making love to his clients. One of the most pornographic scenes of Game of Thrones has two lovely ladies featured with the wish of learning how to sound like professionals.

Fake pleasure

Littlefinger has a reputation to keep and in order for his clients to keep coming, he does whatever it needs to acquire his status. Ros is one of his finest and unexperienced whores from the North and she has just arrived to Petyr Baelish’s infamous brothel. While Ros fingers and fucks another whore, Lord Baelish is not happy with what he hears and interrupts them because they sound ridiculous to him.

pleasure girls, Ros and Armeca

The girls fool around in order to gain experience on how to fake pleasure for future clients but Lord Baelish out of the sudden stops them by yelling at them. He then tells them that they need to “ease into it” and starts a rough yet lyrical preach, explaining to the girls what the world they have entered is about.

His motivation is given by the fact that if the new girls want to succeed in his brothel they have to give more than just sound effects. The girls listen to his advice and ease a bit and they’re moaning make Littlefinger’s speech sound actually seductive. He encourages the girls and instructs them as they get deeper into their performance.

The best scene

What is yet to notice is the confession that Petyr Baelish lets it slide. He confesses his love for Catelyn Stark that he is been holding on to for almost all his life. If you don’t remember this, don’t worry, it is understandable that the background kept you preoccupied. [quote text=”Most pornographic scenes of GOT” align=”right”]

The master of the whorehouse has his way around words and this scene is one of the best one that captures this feature of Baelish. Ros is not a character that you will find in the novels, but she sure fitted just perfectly in the series and managed to stay alive for three seasons which is more than many other crucial characters.

While Littlefinger comes clean about Eddard Stark and the love he carries for his wife, his two new recruits give a steamy performance of how they understood Lord Baelish’s instructions for the perfect fake sex. And from what we can tell, they got the idea because the sexual positions and moaning sure got us fooled and blushing.

1st: Jon Snow’s Sex Scene

For all Jon Snow’s fans we know how long you’ve waited for Jon to give his V card, therefor season three provided us with the heartwarming scene in which Jon breaks his Knight’s Watch vow and starts a steamy scene with wildling Ygritte. Although they appear only covered up in furs for the whole season the magical moment unleashes the two of their coverings and Jon of his vow. We don’t mine, we actually think it was about time it happened.

Charming scene

It’s no wonder Jon Snow kept building up so much sexual tension when he looks the way he looks and has to keep such a serious vow of not having sex with the redhead Ygritte around teasing him and taunting him. The charming scene is even greater because the initially were enemies and kind of still are until the end but the passion that rose between them is natural and sweet.

sweet couple, Jon and Ygrette

Ygritte is a strong and fearless hunter that sees in Jon Snow just another lost boy that “knows nothing”. And she taunts him until Jon, a charismatic and skilled warrior, gives in to his feelings. I think the best sexual scenes are the ones who keep you on your toes until you, as a viewer, can no longer wait for the couple to get together.

In the attempt of showing Ygritte that he indeed betrayed his fellow Night Watchers’ Jon agrees to have sex with Ygritte and break his vow. The perky redhead lures him into a cave where Ygritte strips naked so that Jon won’t stand a chance of resisting her. Without even remembering how the Watch’s vows sounded like, he joins her into a natural hot tub and caves upon his so-long temptation.

Final test

Jon Snow’s plan slips along the way but in the end is accomplished. The reason why he joined the Wildlings is that he was found by them far away from the Wall. In that moment, Jon decides to play along and say he wanted to join their cause and further evidence is needed. After killing his own men from the Watch in order not to break character, Jon wins their trust.

A final test is given by Ygritte that also rewards him. After they have sex in a steamy bubbly scene, Jon returns to the Wall and Ygritte is profoundly shaken and she even attempts to kill him but unfortunately for Jon who had genuine feelings for Ygritte, he witness how his lover dies on the battlefield under his eyes.

The scene is more of a sweet sex match than a wild and nasty one as we will notice further on the list. What is worth mentioning is the utterly perfect scenery where Jon loses his virginity and the funny, sarcastic and tense relationship that was built up until moment 0. Their sex is tasteful, sweet, passionate and long expected.

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