Top Ten Sexiest Scenes from Game of Thrones

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    Although it’s pretty hard to choose from all the nude and sexy scenes that Game of Thrones has provided us with, we came up with a list of ten of the sexiest scenes so far. Every season of Game of Thrones has offered us a series of outrageous sex scenes and it has been highly criticized the fact that the show doesn’t provide male nudity as much as it provides female nudity.

    We often see sex scenes where characters like the “Red Woman” are totally naked and guys like “Gendry” still have their pants on unbuttoned. Nevertheless the series has no boundaries when it comes to explicit content, showing whores from brothels spreading their legs up in the air while naked, brother and sister sex and bisexual scenes. For the average viewer these all might seem a bit too explicit but for what is worth the show encapsulates the precise lifestyle of human kind from that time. So you might say it’s a history lesson before it is a sexual one.

    Sex sells

    So apparently the saying “Sex sells” goes very well here too. With promising sexual content from season one, such as Daenerys’ incestuous relationship with her brother, her wedding ceremony with couples that had sex in the open air, another incestuous relationship between Cersei and Jaime, this time with children resulted, the show starts with a bang and equilibrates the amount of sex scenes in every season.

    And worth mentioning would obviously be the brothel of Lord Baelish that never skips a season without a steamy scene. It would be an impossible job to pick just one best scene but a definitely favorite would be the one in which Littlefinger confesses his love for Catelyn Stark to Ros while she learns how to fuck like a professional. You probably don’t remember this because the background was too captivating to actually listen to Littlefinger’s problems.

    Tool of interest

    In the long run, Game of Thrones stand for power and the use of power and sex happens to manifest a lot of power. In this instinct based world of the seven Kingdoms, the rules are often made as they go and when they are applied they start fear and controversy. Here, most of the time, we find sex used as a tool of interest instead of genuine pleasure or passion. One thing is for sure, your favorite characters are all featured in a hot scene and we made the countdown for the sexiest ten scenes of all Seven Kingdoms.

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