Cute Brunette Katie Cummings in 5 Videos


Check out the tits on Ms. Katie! These 36D (34E bra cup) are jiggling their way out of her outfits on their own! They’re so huge, it’s like they’re independent beings attached to this lucky girl! They’d probably pay rent in the future! Ahem, this was quite a shallow beginning for an intellectual review.

First off, Katie Cummings is a brunette born in December 3rd, 1987. She’s a girl from Miami, Florida, where hot girls are concentrated! Remember how much hotties we had from Florida, as of now?! The roof has been raised, once more. Why? It’s not that complicated about Katie.

Katie has a pretty cool Instagram profile as well, click here to check it out!

Her Cuban descent is generally recognizable, it happens that someone who even isn’t into porn, knows this girl. She joined the industry back in 2008 and that was almost a decade ago, won’t you believe it! And people who’ve been fiery supports of porn, probably remember Katie when she was just a little 21-year old girl.

Over the course of 9 years, her hair dye changed respectively. Sometimes hazel, sometimes her pure brown hair, then shade it with a pinch of blonde, and so on. She loves to experiment things. I don’t know why, but whenever I see her face it’s like she recalls me of a certain actress or celebrity, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s nothing.

Visit the IMDB profile of Katie Cummings for her biography and the full list of her scenes

The earlier mentioned phenomenon about her fame is because the prevalence of Latin commercials and ads compels Katie to do the shooting, since she’s a great representative of girls of Latin descent. Who wouldn’t want to see her on TV?!

To be sincere, I watched a lot of her videos spanning from the very beginning to her latest ones, and I have to share my opinion that she was better looking back in 2008. I mean, yeah, younger girls are more beautiful and that stands strong, however, it applies more on Katie.

It’s like her face changed shape and it’s more awkward today. 21-year-old Katie was a magazine cover girl! You just need to take a look at this foxy momma! Anyways, this 5’5 shorty isn’t for disposal not even today, so that’s why I’m advising you to watch these Top 5 scenes of Katie Cummings, exclusively reviewed on Sex Top Lists!! She relieves stress!!

5. Evil Angel – POV Juggfuckers

Did you know that Katie’s real name is Yeilin? Yeilin Ferrara. Coincidence? Maybe she has some relations with HIM. Boy, I could’ve put this in the Fast Fun Fact above, damn. Of all her 70 greatest titles, this one had to be put on Top 5. It’s just destiny.

The quality of the video isn’t convenient for bragging, but who cares, I personally love watching older porn videos. Brings you back to the good old times, where a 0.3 MP phone camera was just enough to watch dirty, hardcore porn! It was simpler back then. Jonni Darkko and Katie Cummings are a great tandem.

Jonni Darko is well-known for his FACIAL expressions, and we aren’t talking about his face here! Blowjob is a synonym for this guy, and this is a living proof that a POV blowjob/cumshot video can be as hardcore as any other category!

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Only thing you need is a proper female porn star to fill in the role of a deep throat slash breast-packed queen – and guess who’s matching this description! I wonder what was a better sensation for Jonni, the blowjob or his dick comfortness in-between her two soft, yet, huge pillows!

He fucked her tits harder than a pussy! Katie was left with a rash there most definitely, Darkko showed no mercy to her naughtiness and tit-abusiveness! That’ll teach her to cover those lethal weapons before she gets hurt while wielding them!

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4. Reality Kings – Cumming Around

Did I say Latin-themed commercials? Hehe, well I guess I wasn’t lying about Latin-themed there. 8th Street Latinas had a surprise guest for us in 2009, and for me, it’s still a surprise everytime I watch this scene. This Latin American guy with a Mexican accent is a narrator to, however he plays himself.

Not in the perverted way. He went to the store where he ordered bathing suits for a contest, about two weeks ago. Shopkeeper Katie was like “Oh God” and it was a reaction with justification. The bikins haven’t arrived yet, and she has to break it up for her customer.

The unlucky customer had to give $300 as deposit for the agreed date just to get siked by this hot girl. What else was left to do, but settle for a compromise? Katie was all about it, so why not. In return for the inconvenience, Katie had to pay for the mistakes of her business.

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She offered a piece of her body for the curious crowd, but no touch! For now. If these rich guys throw in a bundle of cash, she’ll probably think twice! She stripped at first, taking her clothes off one by one, revealing her one band thong! Some prophets say that Katie was the first person to invent twerking as a concept.

She grabbed a hold of the wooden bar where she hangs clothes and started going low! The guys couldn’t resist her, so for a solid amount of ka-chings, she won’t be hesitating doing dirty things! For a small price to pay, they got so much out of this girl, because she was all-in for that rollercoaster ride on the thick dick! Don’t forget to lock the store doors, the swimwear production declined!


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3. Bangbros – Meet And Greet!

Party of 3 placed such a delightful swedish table in 2013. Mercedes Lynn went on a float to meet up with her friends Katie and Miss Rican. It’s against all odds that the Bangbros are the ones to pull out a shorter end of this deal, filming these 3 beauts without jumping in the scene and resolving the case.

This time they’ll only cameramen. It began like Mercedes’ Vlog where she’s about to see her best friends, excited to be in a house by the lake, with a small motor boat anchored by the hulk. The bro’s cock surely was ripping his pants off when he saw two of the girls kissing!

But rules are rules, no boner’s allowed! At least hold it in for once! I can’t really define what river this is, neither in which city. Let’s just say it’s Miami. I hope Miami has a river, by the way. The river was quite peaceful, unlike what was happening on the coast of it! It looked like a storm was upcoming. Literally.

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No, Katie’s pussy storming was written in the scenario way before, she had to survive that torture from her friends who’ve sucked her titties like she’s the only source of food/water. Pussy juice is good for your health, so they took a sip of it anyways, for a preventive cause.

The victimized girl reciprocally took a swing back to her perpetrators, so all the girls were left equally fucked! Pussy extravagance!!! By the way, I’m always shocked how no by-stander ever caught hardcore porn when it’s filmed outside.
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2. Reality Kings – Padded Seat

Ah, vintage porn. Filmed in 2008. Frankly, it is slowly becoming one. Who knows where Voodoo from Monster Curves is now. He walked through the ghetto streets all by himself, on a sunny day, when he noticed Katie Cummings on her bike, wearing a very short pink…

I don’t know what that is, underwear or shorts, one of these for sure. A bikini top showed her side-tits from both flanks. From all the endeavour she got bike-riding, it made her very thirtsy, and fortunately, Voodoo’s cock protruded from the high-octane concrete which emitted more sunlight from accumulation than the sun itself.

Katie just couldn’t handle it anymore, she had to go down at the very moment she disembarked and met up with Voodoo’s dick. Just there, in the middle of the valley, she started testing out her deep throat! Voodoo was wearing his fancy charmer clothes and he couldn’t wait to throw that burden off, unleashing his heavy cock to lose some weight on him. But, it was just warm-up for what’s to COME!

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They went indoors, Voodoo lead Katie to his chamber, where they won’t be disturbed until they finish what they started! Katie’s pupils disappeared when she felt that hard dick penetrating her, it was almost that her brains fell off through her ears!


When Voodoo’s fuck-saturation bar filled to the max, it was time for an unload! He dropped it off on a soft and broad place – location: Katie’s tits! The guy really holded a good amount inside him, Katie won’t wash that off in a single shower!

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1. Evil Angel – Phat Bottom All Stars, Scene

If it weren’t for porn, I’d forgot what phat means. Phat is equivalent to Katie’s ass. Did I say Katie? I meant Yeilin Ferrara. Did I say Ferrara? I meant the real one, one and only – Manuel Ferrara! Boy, this is the period when a stallion of today was just a colt!

Stiff cock was still on point, though. This is one of his earlier career’s undertaking which partly made him a star he is today. Ah, I hate it when he steals the show from the girl. But don’t worry Katie doll, your huge breasts and soft skin inspired Manuel to rip your pussy apart, breaking the leftovers to tiny pieces!

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Manuel showed what a man he is when he was eating that squeaky clean and shiny ass! It probably tasted like white gold! Later, when he got it all lubed with his own, self-made formula, his dick acquired a entry ticket.

If we had a chance to ask Katie which was her favorite partner back then, if the answer wasn’t Manuel Ferrara, I’d jump off a bridge! Once you sit ON a Ferrara, something something something, carbonara! I was always a poet in my reviews.

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