Hottest Ebony Pornstars of 2017

best hot ebony porn stars

Years have gone by, and parallel with them so did the global porn industry evolve. It keeps up with the pace of modern technology, introducing VR, 4K in recent times, then years before 2017, it was 1080p, 60fps as a completely new hit, and/or even way before – having High Quality cameras in order to film a good porn movie, even a POV one – it marked a new era of the industry.

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The technology was the only thing that evolved so much yet so quickly and the girls… Well, their essence stood its ground. Mankind always had beautiful women straight from the day this world was created starting with Eve, or whatever female you comprehend like first, to these 1998 girls which all have turned 18 at the start of 2017. Old gals get replaced by these new, better and more gorgeous, full of potential and a great perspective.

And what’s the best thing that a new day of porn existence brings? It’s the diversity. You can pick any girl that fits your needs, any shape, skin color, hair color, muscle tone, height, weight, etc. Your imagination is the only limit there. To be specific, I’m aiming at the ebony girls, for today at least because they caught my eyes and I can’t lay them off of them because of my fascination with them.

So I wanted to spare some virtual space to write down some reviews of the best of the best ebony pornstars of this quarter of a year that passed – 2017! A more narrow range of people, including those who know and follow porn news and progress day-to-day, most surely have heard of all these pornstars listed below.

And because of porn’s influence globally on everyday topics nationwide, slowly but steadily porn is becoming a general thing to speak or write about – even participation of any kind (porn star – viewer) is now considered as a normal human behavior or job. That’s a huge deal for the industry and us, loyal fans and the general porn fanbase who are expanding due to these facts.

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They are more comfortable now when the masks have been unfolded. It’s a revelation! You may not notice it so obviously, but that’s why I said slowly and steadily – crawling into our skin like a good illness. I’ll end my huge digression now and focus on the number 1 topic we’re writing about today: Top 8 Ebony Porn Stars!

8. Anya Ivy

Ah, Anya, this heartbreaking black beauty. I can’t figure out if it’s lust or love, what I’m feeling towards her when I watch her body twisting like a snake, with 2 great characteristics she is holding in her arms there – your two tanned tits, which I want to suck so badly that breastfeeding will undergo a shortage of milk for years after me!

Her black hair and excellent skin tone fill the other perfections of hers – round ass and titties, and by the way, her curvy black ass is a thing you dream about or see only on TV! She’s such a dreamy girl. Born in 1992, a fresh black pussy always warmly welcomes every single one of us with its features it brings to our eyes.

For an example, My White Stepdaddy 15 on Devils Film is the first scene which crosses my mind when I think about her. She got a new stepdaddy, but a strange thing about him is that he’s white – which isn’t an obstacle she can’t overcome. On the contrary, she has some forbidden feelings inclining to him, wanting to suck his hard dick!

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That’s totally normal for a teen girl of her age because Marcus London really is a handsome guy, to be honest. They get down on it very fast and Marcus did what I mentioned paragraphs before. He sucked on her juicy boobs, squeezing and pulling them like a real pleaser and after he had enough, he pulled out his dick and she did the rest!

It’s a common virtue these black girls possess a thing which white girls rarely have, that desire while riding that cock. That naughty look, the frenzy cock-pouncing and receiving, the lust, sensation, and passion, it’s indescribable! Plus, Anya has a huge affinity for dick-sucking, she just does it like a real slut, but a whore only to her boyfriend – type of girl.

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That professional blowjob you’d receive for her, you simply wouldn’t get from any other Ebony in the world! You definitely need to go through it if you want to find out what the heck I’m yapping about!

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7. Diamond Jackson

Diamond is a beauty queen, a black goddess – summing it all up. Long curly hair, naturally black, going all the way to her hips, I swear, and that face she has, it’s plain aesthetics. Simply gorgeous. To improve it slightly more, she applies make-up like an artist so we’ve got ourselves a top class porn star!

She even is considered as one, so even if I criticized her performance, she’d still be the best ebony pornstar, nonetheless. Down there she has got a huge rack (34F bombs), fake but still great. She’s thick and tall, standing at 170cm and weighing 50kg, a perfect combination and height/weight ratio.

She’s been in the industry for quite some time (10 years actually), so it isn’t a sin to call her THE best ebony porn star. This one is her latest scene that she shot and she’s playing as a pissed off mom whose son is in jail because of his lousy driving!

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Now that there is nobody to take care of her tall grass and bushes (no pun intended), she had to put Peter, his friend, and partner in crime, to do it instead. Peter isn’t keen on doing something right, especially something handy which requires attention and skill, so she got him off his duty because of his incapability.

Diamond gives him a smaller bush to take care of and she hopes he will do it right this time! Peter Green is clumsy but he handles his dick masterly, either outside or inside of her giant ass! Poor son, he’s stuck in the jail and in return of his trouble, his good friend also accused of the same crime, fucked his mother while he’s behind bars!

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6. Ana Foxx

A name of 3 letters, using 2 different ones, and you get a tick-bomb which is about to go off! A California girl born in 1988, believe it or not, quite tall 5’7 (170cm) and she slides down poles like she’s a licensed stripper! She’s got that back arc when in doggy-style which sweeps guys off their feet, or at least me!

She’s a good fucker and knows how to press against a fat cock to put the thrust power to maximum! Small tits of hers aren’t the things which she can arguably brag about but that doesn’t mean she has no power when she turns around and pops her ass, doing the curve! That ass is delicious! I think that if I’d take a long lick, my taste buds would start to transfer a tasty delight, kind of like cupcakes with whipped cream.

And dark chocolate all over it! Yummy. Well, today isn’t the exact case about the food for Ana. She needs to stay slim, and to do so, she calls her home trainer from time to time, always surprising him with the same pink sportswear she “covers” herself with, but in reality, it shows much of her smooth skin.

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She was showing her white trainer how she works on her sexy body and the guy just couldn’t close his mouth and stop drooling. That’s how horny he was when she was twisting and twirling! He had enough so he squeezed her sweet ass while she was bending over. She resisted his grip, but the strong guy pulls her towards his giant dick and that’s when training began.

He took a spin of her pussy, little fingering here and there doesn’t hurt much, and later she took her ride to CumVille! She rode that dick like a cowgirl! Her pussy seemed so small compared to the dick which has deepened her gaping hole!

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5. Maya Bijou

Talking about what’s under the radar and we’ve stumbled onto Maya Bijou, the misappropriated queen. It’s not Madison, nor any Bijou of others, Maya is a fresh 19-year-old who got into porn last year. She’s still underrated which isn’t anything new in the porn business. All you get from her is a Twitter account where you can jack off in peace because she has some very hot pictures and gifs there!

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Her model appearance, looks, petite body with nice tits, plus her wide pussy – all these things beg to differ that she’s that young! But numbers don’t lie. I think that she got her good looks from both white and black parents. The mulatto combination still is the best one because she attracted the best things out of it, creating a perfect girl!

Anthony Rosano is having an affair with his brand new babysitter and it seems that they’re among some rocky mountains or cliffs. Either way you put it, they’re somewhere in the back of a house or factory where the dumpster and metal fence is located. He’s sucking on her titties and playing the piano with her pussy, while she’s standing there and enjoying herself.

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There’s even a lifter which they use in hospitals to transport their patients from room to room, so I reckon they’re behind a hospital. Nevertheless, her pussy is being the victim which needs hospitalization so there is no need for Anthony to hesitate, fucking this poor little girl like there is no tomorrow!

Maya’s pussy looks so bulky that I would start thinking she was screwed by over 1000 men in total! It’s impossible for a pussy that young to look like that! Dirty whore!

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4. Cassidy Banks

What’s better than seeing Cassidy Banks in Ultra High Definition, or 4K in short? You can clearly see every single slutty atom of hers that are working like a magnet, attracting guys to bust their nuts in her! The filming starts like Cassidy is the only ebony girl in the world, totally alone and the absence of other people breezes her cold vagina, needless to say that it must be warmed up by her soft hands!

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She’s taking a shower in a cool shower cabin, with a transparent designer glass. Soaping her body, scrubbing the unapproachable parts, touching herself here and there until she crouches to her crunches to do some clutches. Just as she had started to stimulate herself, her brother’s best friend walks in the bathroom like he claimed it his.

He was searching around the house for her brother and when he saw his fuck queen sister showering, his jaw dropped and dick popped! Since she was very horny, and I’m taking a good guess that he is as well, she presses her giant 34D’s against the glass which spread on it like a fluid. She has some very juicy tits and the guy stood no chance!

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She opens the door which keeps the cabin closed and drags him in and they start taking a long, hot shower together! After they realized that there isn’t enough space in the cabin, they fucked in the rest of the mansion and the experience was even better! What a lucky guy, fucking a ’96 Bonnie while he plays Clyde! Oh, Cassidy, you clean but dirty slut! Those tits are hand-made by God himself!

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3. Aaliyah Hadid

She’s famous for her gaming fanatism but that’s just a runner-up to her primary thing she’s most known for – riding the dick! Round and Brown presents the best ebony chicks and this time is Aaliyah! She’s on the console allegedly playing video games with her boyfriend, and her typical gamer girl look just gives out that she knows nothing about games…

The hipster glasses (no glasses included, by the way, only frames), pink trousers and a white top with no wings (her side tits are showing like hell), doesn’t mean de facto that she’s a fanatic. But it doesn’t matter, what’s important that she and her boyfriend are having a blast. When they got tired of gaming, Aaliyah drops down on her knees and starts twerking her huge ass in front of her bf.

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He had to concentrate, having his eyes on the real prize – on the TV screen. Aaliyah finally stood and poor Bruno Dickenz couldn’t have helped himself but to drop her pink, cotton trousers and dig his nose inside! Two can play that game!

Bruno starts fucking her from behind on the couch and now they’re really playing multiplayer, splitting roles of the thrower and the receiver! The order isn’t exclusive, hehe. The 21-year-old Aaliyah got what she deserved – because cheaters never prosper! Thankfully she’s as cute as two babes so people will forgive her easily.

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2. Holly Hendrix

This scene is a tough one to review because it doesn’t matter how many words I put in trying to explain Anal Sex Slaves #3, it simply won’t be just enough to transfer you the excitement you get when visually watching it. Holly the petite ebony is getting her ass raped and tormented by a goth looking kid, Owen Gray.

The guy has some dark tattoos on his thighs, he looks like he’s sacrificing Holly’s soul to the devil when he pokes her with that huge cock of his! She’s a good performer, in 2016 and 2017 alone (only years she’s been in porn), won a couple of awards, Spank Bank, Inked or AVN, with dozens of nominations along the way.

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It’s a certificate of her neat hardcore fucking and she’s only 19! Born in 1997. Holly is a great girl, petite with every aspect of being small from her head to toe, and that’s the charm of hers. You just want to stick your dick between those two tiny ass cheeks, making your dick look like a monster compared to her body!

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Owen is way ahead of us because he tortured her ass in his hidden chambers and Holly seems she liked the whole thing! With every ebony porn star I review, every upcoming performer gets dirtier and dirtier! Filthy sluts!

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1. Chanell Heart

And finally, last but not least, a cutie born in 1993, Pittsburgh holds the honor of having greatness like Chanell Heart is. She’s short and cute with an apple bottom, with a diameter really huge compared to her waist! Her small tits aren’t her listed predispositions. A contrast to her looks, she’s a devil in disguise!

Her boyfriend is working late hours and when he finally called to see what’s up, she was in the bath soaping up her vicious body, masturbating and having phone sex with her boyfriend, but that just won’t be enough for her lustful body. Wouldn’t you know! Ryan Driller, her boyfriend’s good pal, was creeping on her the whole time she masturbated!

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When she finally caught him in his childish acts, she called him in for a scold but instead, she got an ice COLD – COCK! She was always hungry for her boyfriend’s cock and there wasn’t a chance that she’s getting it in the meantime, so she had to settle for his friend as a replacement, accepting Ryan’s huge cock for a quick ride!

Infidelity alert! ChanelĀ is also a thick, beautiful, dirty and sexy Ebony! Ebonies just mess around with your head, distorting your thinking because of their natural beauty!

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