The 7 Best Asian Pornstars Who Do Anal

Asian girls who love anal

Since we’re caught up, overwhelmed and fascinated by Anal Porn Movies (like in our previous article), we won’t extinguish our desire, yet it will prevail by adding water to the soil! And we’re getting even more hardcore with each following article/topic we’re about to review! What symbolizes hardcore in porn more than these Asians who are generally and stereotypically known for their nymphomaniac strikes they have very often.

They’re a synonym for a good fuck, yet a loud one, full of high-frequency moaning, tapping and sounds you probably haven’t heard before. Luckily, there’s always the internet and direct access to porn where you can listen to and watch brutal scenes that stimulate all of your senses, making you think you even have one extra – a sixth one!

If someone told you several years earlier that you’ll be spending most of your time in front of some kind of a screen filled with pixels that emit RGB light in a way that makes your dick hard, you’d probably think that it’s some kind of a capitalistic propaganda.

Then in 2017, everything eventually came true, and you find yourself watching the most exclusive, hottest Asian babes of all the East! I for sure would be happy with that life. Wait, I already am like that! Success comes in all shapes and sizes, don’t you think?

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Enough of subjective appraisal, we’ll leave something for your brain to process and it’s going to be something special now. There are 7 of these Asian sluts who are taking it in the butt just as much as in the vag! Maybe they even insist in the ass more than anything!

You never know with this people, they’re pretty unpredictable, which can be both a virtue and a flaw depending on what happens! Anyhow, they keep the porn business fresh with their shenanigans, and whatever the outcome, we will be the ones glued to our computers or phones, watching these whores getting the anal fuck they deserve!

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7. Cindy Starfall

If you’re wondering from which universe or galaxy did Cindy Star – Fall, you’ll never get the answer, because she is a miracle which happens once in 1000 years! Have you taken a glance at that girl? Viewed from far, she doesn’t look nearly as an Asian, doesn’t have that common physique, and don’t ask me why have I even looked her from afar, please.

Born in 1989, this Vietnamese starlet with a small upward bunch and a huge junk in the trunk, in the back, despite in the rack. Her smooth ass calls for your hand to spank it, daddy! Like most Asians, she is pretty short but that’s the idea! Even Johnny Castle is having some trouble with this girl and it’s not the only issue here.

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His wife is away from home, late as always, and she won’t be present when her old college best friend Cindy Starfall drops by to surprise them, but Johnny will definitely surprise her instead! He knows about his wife’s and Cindy’s mischief back in college that makes him really think and worry about it, but heck, it was college!

When the hottie finally arrived (Cindy, of course), she was in the backyard getting ready to tan for a bit! That’s when Johnny realized what his wife has seen in her! Those aesthetics got his dick hard, so all of his concerns vanished and were placed in his stiff cock.

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Essentially, he was really excited about Cindy’s arrival and who wouldn’t be happy with a girl who sucks your dick and lets you fuck her in the ass, giving you the privilege to cum inside her?! Johnny hadn’t had that kind of action with his wife for ages! Better half my ass!

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6. London Keyes

Let’s pump up the rack and pick up the slack, we’re heading to London but not quite. London Keyes is also a 1989 Asian hottie, same old porn school, standing shoulder to shoulder with Cindy! However, with a British name and Asian ethnicity, London is a pure American after all!

The genes have taken action mostly on the pituitary because she’s 3 inches taller than her rival Cindy! She has an Americanized face as well and her tits haven’t fallen with the tempo. She has round, medium-sized tits that are just fair enough, if not better!

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Obviously, her ass is next for flattering but flattering is lying and we don’t do that in this house! Her ass is tight and a dick in it is just the missing piece of the puzzle! Bangbros are the ones who’ll fill the remaining picture with her ass along with it!

Mr. Anal is having a word with the girl, loosening her ends since there is a tough task awaiting for her, asking her sweet questions and making her comfortable! When she got hyped up, she was ready to sweep up her larynx with some lengthy cock and afterward, she’ll give a piece of her ass as a reward!

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The BangBrothers, as they’re called now, use a flexible dildo to spread out her ass because that monster of a cock won’t come in easily! London really is a dirty slut!! I didn’t know if it’s better to categorize her as a Deep Throat porn star or whatever else she’s capable of doing, but she surely knows a lot of things! See for yourself![asian_anal_promo2]

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5. Marica Hase

A pretty odd name for an Asian ass master! She’s on the receiving end, don’t worry, they’re not that weird. Oh boy, look who we got back in the office again! It’s Owen Gray, the metal-head looking guy with a penis of a dragon!

His next victim is Marica Hase, a 1998 looking 1981 girl, still fresh from Tokyo, bringing the charm from the Land of the Rising Sun! Fun and entertainment are guaranteed with her so you’re taken care of already, but what happens with the poor girl after her poor little pussy and tight ass gets enslaved and tormented by this weirdo’s tough cock?!

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Marica’s skin is rather white than yellow and, by the way, it looks so soft that it possibly doesn’t ever require being lubricated and oiled up if you want to start some sweaty fun with her!

In Anal Sex Slaves’ action, the scenario and quality are out of the question, you simply know that it has the best anal scenes of the entire porn server! Owen brought some perverted dildos and a butt plug which will come in handy for him because of Marica’s fragile appearance! Don’t let her looks deceive you because she can take on just about anything!

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Owen pounded both her ass and pussy and Marica was just lounging there helplessly, being a true slave to its name! He fucked and buzzed her from doggy-style and even forced her to deepthroat on his dick.

Even if she was a vegan somehow, he would’ve let her suck on his slice of meat! While she was riding him like a horse, she could barely keep balance because his thick dick just messes up her cerebellum! Literally, fucking her brains out!

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4. Ayumu Kase

Ahh! Finally an Asian porn star with a proper Asian name! A 1987 Japanese chick, as small as she can be, a devastating 4’11! But what did Japan gift us this time besides the shortened body size? Thin, with small boobs but eager to get her ass filled!

That’s more like it! Her ass is the main course of the entire Ayumu dish and we have Lucas Frost from Naughty America deal with it, we’re letting him be the judge. Speaking of gifts, the gullible stud was gifted with a massage treatment at Ayumu Kase’s parlor and he doesn’t even have a clue what’s the big deal!

Well, for sure it won’t be his donger! His friends prepared Ayumu for her loving and caring oily massage and when he hopped on the table, Ayumu got her hands slippery and gave Lucas a relaxing rub on his muscular body!

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His private parts were covered by a soft blanket but that won’t be getting in the way of a Nuru massage! She touches his softness, turning it into hard-core real quick, then strips down her sexy red lingerie, sending him a message via body language!

Everyone would have got the picture after a hot Asian chick lubed up their dick and afterward placing it in her asshole after long strokes of oil appliance?! Could the message be more clearer than this?! Why am I using the question – exclamation mark combo so much?!

Lucas Frost will definitely want more of this, so-called massage! His dick is everything but relaxed, all the tension from his muscles were shifted down his waist!

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3. Mia Li

Some fine raw meat is cooking again at the Bang BROTHERS! This ain’t your everyday Japanese Asian, this time we’re pinning the southeast Philippines! Mia is a born New Yorker on a beautiful day in March 1990. She’s a bit shabby for my taste, but it’s exquisite!

Everything is good with temperance. A 5’1 petite with fine 34D’s and an ass you can only see in porn! There’s no girl who looks alike, and the uniqueness is what describes her the most.

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A Filipino constituted face that differs quite a lot from Japanese Asians so you can’t mix up their ethnicity carelessly. Aren’t we here for the action, you ask? Yes, yes we are and I’m cutting with this blind introduction, you have to see her to experience the thrill!

You’ll know what I’m talking about when you switch on the BROTHERS. They’ve got a BBC on her and this is the rarest interracial in porn, Black on Asian! This black boy isn’t going easy on her, neither is she while flickering and flipping his cock. She likes to tap her face with black dick more than anything and right on the 2nd place of her favorites is anal!

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Beads were used that day as an anal probe, due to the BBC severity of the situation. Without the toys, she’d probably get hemorrhoids or something, turning into a medical condition at the very least. Thankfully, Mia is one crafty Filipino, and with 4 years of experience, she knows what’s up… her ass!

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2. Jayden Lee

Personally, this is my favorite. Why? It’s because it’s directed by Rocco Siffredi, an Italian stallion who likes it rough! As soon as I see somewhere – “Rocco Siffredi in hot audition” or something similar,

I get the point of the scene and its essence is pure brutality! Jayden Lee, an Asian smoking hot babe from Sacramento, born in 1993, is one of the tallest Asian girls I have ever seen (5’7).

An amazing, athletic body with a tiny pair of natural tits, now enhanced to a 34C judging by the looks of things, my approximation to be honest, and an ass which you just wanna lick like it’s an ice cream. Especially because she has a giant mole on it, like a chocolate chip topping. Rocco is a stud so he’s the one with the moves and he can easily rock her sexual world.

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She’s wearing some sexy lingerie with black fishnet, comparing her with Medusa by default because she looks stunning! Rocco is holding his trusty camera and filming her while playing with her pussy as an overture of a great composition. Rocco Siffredi really reminds me of a classical musician name. He knows how to play the pussy, that’s for sure!

He just bends her over a closet or such with a huge mirror which mimics his entire body as he pushes hard against Jayden’s tight asshole! He’s a fearless guy, there’s no defeat in his language and poor Jayden has to cope with the pain his giant dick is inflicting on her ass! Poor thing!

And to top it all off, he slaps her face from time to time when it’s needed, as a correctional act for naughty Jayden! I was feeling kind of sorry for her throughout the whole video. Evil Angel really knows how to rise some mixed feelings!

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1. Morgan Lee

Another Lee, but this time it’s Morgan! This is the sweetest of all these fantastic 7 Asians with a cute face, however, she’s 28 years old! She’s a short Asian girl with a height of 5’1, all of it went to her ass, making it a nice and round piece!

Plus her smaller boobs fit so well with her petite body build that it couldn’t have been better created! The best female porn stars are eager to have a shooting on Naughty America with their sex-machine icon, Johnny Castle.

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Admit it, whenever you say Johnny Castle he reminds you of Naughty America, vice versa. Morgan was tanning at her friend’s house, minding her own business until her friend’s bro Johnny steps into the spotlight with his big guns and sexy appearance.

Being a good guy which he always is, he politely asks her if she’s in for a rub, carrying lotion in his hand. She is in it, but in her head, there’s a different kind of rub, the same s*it in another package, as people may say it. She wants Johnny all over her pussy, just to make it crystal clear.

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If he’s feeling lucky, maybe she will let him dig it deep down her anal canal! Who knows?! Spoiler alert: He cums inside her pussy at the end, a shocking ending, I know, we all expected that it’d be the ass…

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