The 8 Best Ebony Anal Scenes

These anal videos and movies always turn out to be the best, due to many reasons: First of all, it’s way better than you regular penetration porn and secondly, it doesn’t have exclusive anal scenes, it’s more a mixture than anything. They add deep throat as a mandatory niche and of course, there is vaginal penetration, you can’t make porn without it!

Anal videos are more entertaining to watch because the porn studios film this stuff just for the viewers who are more imaginative and have a better sense in porn, so they have to put some huge effort in order to bring in the target audience.

We’ve reviewed 8 of the most popular, as well as the best Ebonies there are in the porn game at the moment and what I like to call their black asses is nutcrackers! In every single video I’ve watched, the guy’s dick got squeezed pretty hard between those ass cheeks! Their enormous and tight asses could get your dick trapped if you didn’t get hard enough for sure!

Fight fire with fire, so to dig that ass you need to be stiff as a rock. And our favorite male porn stars definitely know how to handle these wild girls. Manuel Ferrara and Rocco Siffredi, these Italian stallions are also prepared for the action.

To say anything more about ebonys is just an overstatement. With or without my pushy words of enlightenment, they’d still be what they are, black goddesses with nice bubble butts! Hope you enjoy these 8 naughty girls!

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8. Sarah Banks – Twerking Sarah’s Anal Lesson

I dunno what has gotten into us, placing Mike Adriano’s directions first! We’ll scare off the legal youngsters! Which is great because there will be more for us, mature adults! Filled with sloppiness and sliminess, Mike Adriano’s porn films are for sure the uncensored symbols of porn liberty!

The beast of a guy just takes the girl and does whatever his animal instincts conduct. And as a reciprocal return, the girl uses her own ambitions – this time it’s sexy Sarah Banks, who’s a very talented porn star – and does madness with his huge cock! Sarah is from 1997, 5’2 tall, which is pretty odd for a girl of those prime genes!

Sarah Banks has a growing number of followers on her Twitter, go ahead and follow her for regular updates

She doesn’t look small, her body is in the shadow of her performing greatness! I like that sideways, on her huge ass, there is a tattoo that says “Blessed”. Well, she for sure is blessed, by this friendly white man’s cock! Who says that only BBC is BB!

Mike has a giant trunk which fits perfectly into Sarah’s giant asshole, however, vast amounts of oil is required so that she can enjoy the anal sensations! To lube it up even more, she garggles his cock, creating saliva bubbles as she chokes, struggling to get some air!

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7. Cherry Hilson – Black Beauty Loves Anal Fucking

Rest in Peace Bangbrothers, long live BangBros! With a huge history holding a name of Bangbrothers, the respective owners have reclaimed their old name, ceasing an enormous era behind it, lasting less than a month for sure. Thank heavens. Anyways, time for Cherry on top!

Another girl born in April, only this time 4 years before the previous one, Cherry is a 1993 sex bomb ticking each minute. A busty brunette wielding the sharp eye spy – look, which just melts your heart and erects your cock! She’s got them tits 34C, punctured on both of the nipples, and by the way, they look so tasty!

I tell you, watching this black chick makes your instincts go paranormally into the air, making you wanna screw her more than any white one! Cherry’s apple bottom, mid-range ass barely holds up its weight. When it bounces on the cock an earthquake happens on the other side of the planet!

You can find all the porn video titles with Cherry Hilson on IMDB

Bangbros always seem to have more fun than the rest because they have lots of toys in their inventory. Anal pounding the poor girl, then drowning her with a thick cock! It’s not fair, give others some room with this girl! Her declining eyebrows appear so lustful during her posture, displaying us the variety of her body’s givings!

I was stunned especially when she winked at the camera while sucking the bro’s cock! That’s when she bought me! Best Ebony ever, all-time, no doubt.

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6. Osa Lovely – My Girl Loves Anal with Lucas Frost

Not to sound offensive, but this girl’s dark skin is way shadier than the rest! It’s an ascertainment, not harsh words! She’s a gorgeous babe! And a true black, I’m assured! You know those “Ah, oh no you di-i-idn’t girl!” and those funny stereotypes.

Besides her pure dark appearance, what’s even more likable is her giant 34D breasts, with chocolate nipples you just want to lick, munch and suck on it! Her facial beauty is obvious, Osa is Lovely! Judging by her mouth shape and thickness, a girl of your dreams! This “girl” is a 30-year-old, worthy enough to call her a starlet!

Naughty America hosted her recently for the first time, shooting the My Girl Loves Anal scene with our frequently mentioned Lucas Frost! They’re having an anniversary coming by, and both of them are looking to cheer up the atmosphere and bring up the excitement of their relationship.

So Lucas bought her flowers and a dearly neckless, while Osa got him a thing that every guy likes. It’s both the cheapest and most priceless thing to do! She got him her ass, and the permission to drill it like a veteran coal miner, searching to struck some gold! I’d tap this girl’s ass 24/7 if you ask me! The eboniest of all the ebonies! … that dirty deep throater…

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5. Kira Noir – Anal Newbies #04

Don’t let Kira’s calm attitude confuse you because as peaceful she is on the outside, the wilder she gets when the time comes! You can see her in pretty hardcore action during her scenes, but just look at her more personal pictures, it’s a whole different girl!

Here, she has Chief Keef dreadlocks attached by colorful buckles and hairpins, dressed as the moving cylinder in front of a barbershop (like the red and white candy crane) and she’s showing her tiny tits and deep throat – the second part is more of a necessity in a partner – and Mark Wood just got into her anus, like it’s a private runway for his airplane!

Due to her excellent condition and fitness, she soon continues to sweep up her deepthroat with Wood’s wood! The age difference is evident, she’s 1994, and Mark is eternal. It explains her worshiping thy Mark God’s fat cock, seductively looking him in the eye and asking him to pummel her asshole!

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Mark just knows the right thing to do – to punish this evil and naughty girl, with his stick of judgment! Evil Angel without Sodomy is no evil at all, and Mark Wood did his job as he taught this nubile girl how to properly please a man! And she’s doing great by far!

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4. Diamond Jackson – Anal Creampie In POV

Bangbro’s BrownBunnies is one reputable series which imports one of the naughtiest black bitches of the porn industry. Logically, Diamond Jackon belongs here where she stands, or should I say, gets the D! If you’re living in a slump or a cave, and don’t know a letter of Diamond Jackson’s name, I’ll be patient and explain. Ok, so, this chick, or lady was born in 1966!

Yep, I haven’t made a mistake here, it’s the 60’s. The era of fancy Buicks and other cars, Italian style and such. She’s currently 50, but she’s a living proof that age is just a number, nothing more. Because I’ve seen 20-year-old girls who are less enthusiastic and less energetic than her!

Just like any other girl they host, the Bangbros treat her like she’s a youngling, but there’s a significant respect burst towards her – and by that I mean they pound her as hard as they can, right in the ass. Her black ass shines brighter than our future, looking like a tomato getting mashed!

The make-up she took cut her age by half, and the dick she gobbled and received subtracted 5. She feels like she’s young again! Hooray, youth! But, seriously, a big respect and hats-off for Diamond, she’s currently a brighter side of the porn industry viewed from a porn star variety perspective.

Her skin looks and probably feels so smooth and soft, like a baby’s butt! When she showers that body, it’s soooo… uh.. Indescribable!

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3. Bethany Benz – Lex Is Up Her Ass #22

Bethany is black? Wow, such a light skin for an ebony! I’m pleasantly surprised! Well, when I saw her biography, the explanation came by itself. She’s officially anUkrainian, their citizen, bringing roots from Nigeria. 5’10 is a proper height for her because it hangs in well on her finely constituted body.

If you have seen this girl before, it’s probably from a reality show or on a music video, since she’s known for her background dancing. Especially in rap music, where girls in the scenes are essential and she’s the cover of it! A beautiful one, that’s for sure!

Follow Bethany Benz on Twitter for nude pictures and new porn videos

Nevertheless, she’s wearing some killer clothes, black fuck-dress, a magnet for guys with big cocks, and her tits are popping out and stabbing Lexington Steele’s eyes! He took someone his own size because his dick was made for this bad chick!

She takes it such with ease, maybe Lex’s was a bit worried there for a moment! Well, that’s nebulous from when she started screaming as Lex continued the anal adventure!

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2. Lisa Tiffian – Anal-yzing Lisa Tiffian

All of these ebonies we’ve introduced to you seem like they resemble the same person, like sisters or something. They are so beautiful, have great skin, big lips, dreamy eyes, bodies of goddesses and so on. Plus, on the inside, they’re just as they’re on the out! Lisa is one wild girl, birthplace California, and now you that you’ve written it in your brain, you’ll never look at her the same way.

California girls are always the wildest, strangest and the best, and she’s not a difference. Huge round tits with nipples like stamps and a curvy ass with a pink fishnet with greater holes on it, and she’s sweet as candy! Even over the fishnet, there is room for more, covering her private parts with tight denim to bring out her curves!

Posing in front of the camera like she’s the only girl with an ass, ready to take on some cock for the day! Of course, there’s a black dude behind the scenes. Who else could cope with a gazelle like her?! I spied with my eye that the BangBros measured a 41-inch width of her ass, and I trust 100% in their precise math.

Lisa Tiffian has a nice interview and a photo set in Pressure Gentlemen’s Magazine that you can check out on

This ass can win 2 Nobel prizes at once, one for the best ass and the other is a peace prize. Because if we had more of Lisa’s and her ass-cheeks – and I’m talking about one per each guy – this world wouldn’t have stress as a phenomenon nor in the dictionary! A much happier place, just like this black dude is while he’s ripping her fancy attire to show us the beast inside!

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1. Ana Foxxx – Anal Prayers

We’re watching Evil Angels and Bangbros all day, so why not end this list with one of them. It’s Evil Angel featuring Ana Foxxx in one of their anal videos.

Of all these fantastic 8 ebonies, she’s the most globally known and it’s a fact that most porn fans have heard about her, if not already searched for her by now. And to assure you of this, check out her official Wikipedia page and on how many languages can you read about her!

Mens Mag Daily interviewed Ana Foxxx and she talked a lot about herself, click on the link and check it out

But some theoretical stuff isn’t our problem, we’ll let scientist handle these questions about her. All we’re certain of is that she’s a great person, but to be honest, her medium natural tits and round ass aren’t for disposal as well. Born in California, summer 1988, another Californian babe to talk about, besides porn.

She’s capable of looking like a little 20-year-old, a true babe, or like a dirty whore. Depending on the set, she’s ready to do anything for the camera while consistently looking like she’s in her prime, and it never wears off of her! She’s like that for years, and I don’t think these things we adore about her will change soon!

Long live Ana Foxxx, and down we go with the article! Don’t think that the war is over, this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the ebonies.

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