The Top 6 Videos of Nicole Bexley

Florida is such a beautiful and warm state of America, however, it isn’t most famous by its geographical characteristics. I’ve already taken my time to enlighten Florida on how much it is so well-deserving for its babes and that’s the number 1 priority of all the things Florida produces. Just look at Nicole Bexley and you’ll figure it out, it’s not that hard! Florida is a shortcut to woman paradise! But, the state isn’t in our concerns for now. It’s all about Nicole!

Nicole Bexley is a teen girl born on July 21, 1997. She has African-American descent but she doesn’t appear to be so obviously black. You can spot some “aspects” that black girls tend to have like nicely shaped ass and tits. Nicole isn’t that commendable in terms of height since she’s only 5’2 (around 157cm), so we can say that she is a sexy

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She has a huge pack of natural breasts, 32D’s! Her behind keeps up with the pace along with the frontal part, and these two together make an unimpeachable compound – that is Nicole Bexley. But let’s disregard her big tits, bubble butt and other unsubstantial things to the matter and leave out pure Nicole Bexley.

She has entered the business in 2015, which means that she hasn’t been around for enough time so that we could say she’s a superstar. Neither we do know more about her when bringing up awards, nominations, recognition and other types of porn fame.

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That’s what we’re dealing with now, with these things put aside. Since it’s a porn article, we don’t give a holy damn about these things, and all we’re obliged to know is that she is a gifted sex machine and loves cock more than she likes to eat her food on the table!

That’s enough of word deception about this gal right here, we’ll leave the rest up to you to decide if she’s worth, or has at least the potential to become the best porn star of the new generation! Find out more in Sex Top Lists – Top 6 of Nicole Bexley’s scenes article!

6. My Sister’s Hot Friend with Sean Lawless

Nicole Bexley’s big tits aren’t explained here to the core, all thanks to the great Naughty America, best site there is if you’re in a need of a description to their set of pictures. They just didn’t emphasize it enough how glorious this babe really is with her round tits and ass.

So, this is pretty much their classic My Sister’s Hot Friend series extension, and she’s thriving for the cock more than ever! Let’s just say that they’ve misused a pool stick, or have completely got it wrong what that even is. Or to make matter worse, how does a game of pool even look like? So many questions, yet so fewer holes do Nicole have than a pool table. 6 to 3, if we exclude the ears and nostrils.

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Still, Sean has a tough game to deal with, because Nicole is such a complex toy! First, she starts slamming those balls in holes, then… well, then she does the same thing later, only a different notion for the whole sentence. She starts sucking Sean’s dick across the whole table with her big tits pressed against the fine brown material where the ball is supposed to slide, not her melons!

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Afterward, Sean throws in his stick deep inside her warm pussy, and hell, what a player Sean is! Sulivan is jealous of him, snooker players hate him! But seriously, this is a top notch, straightforward scene, if you’re into some quality porn!

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5. Sweet Tender 18 Year Old Pussy

Take back things to 2015 while everything still had a purpose, Nicole having a suitable hairstyle, curls from half of her head to the tip of her hair, plus in volume, like a real ebony girl! She was so malnourished and underweight back in the day, you could’ve easily counted each and every rib of hers. On top of that, Bangbros titles had sense!

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Ok, we took it too far, it never actually did have sense, no offense, bros. In this video, they are busy interviewing this naughty teen babe. They had the opportunity to introduce us, concurrently her as well, into the porn world, asking her how she ended up signing for a casting at their office!

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We’re all ears to hear that, and if I’m correct, she popped in the biz by virtue of her enlightened friend who told her that the porn industry is where the money is hiding! I think that of all the first interviews with the star, this one has to be the most authentic because Nicole really looks like she’s shy to introduce herself, expressing her tenderness through her innocent tone and sentence collapsing.

Especially later, after they warn her about all of the consequences she’ll be facing during and post-session of theirs. They commence the sex rituals to a nubile and her screaming reactions have molested my earlobes and eardrums of all the high-pitch vibrations her voice produced. She moaned and groaned like a true 18-year-old!

Bangbros did a great job fixing a meeting between their veteran cock and a soft, juicy and virgin pussy! Yummy!!

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4. Booty Friends

This scene at Reality Kings made me feel glad that we’ve invented horizontal capturing. Big booty babe Skyler Nicole (check out her IMDB here) starts recording herself in the mirror with a phone, checking out her goddess body with her good big tit friend Nicole Bexley, who’s laying on the couch wearing a lavishly white dress, outlining her fine ass!

The girls soon begin to feel horny about each other, so they stand up to their desires with a bottle of lube! They start squirting the slippery goo all over their tight asses so that they can pull down their panties whenever they like within a blink of an eye! After a good wiggle around with those asses, Nicole realized that she has 2 gifts from God himself, her pair of juicy tits!

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He brings the girls out, kneading them with his bare hands, preparing for what’s yet to COME! Bambino is one lucky white boy who’ll be facing the two foxiest black girls who just got signed a professional contract with 18 years of age. Maybe that’s not true, but it looks like it. Bambino also has a thick cock which is pretty suckable by these sluts!

They enjoy that sensation they get sucking off his balls! Later on, they jump up and down on his dick with no fear of inner pussy injury! Having sex with Nicole Bexley and Skyler Nicole is one great blessing. Like, two Nicoles at once, are you kidding me, Bambino?!

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3. Nicole Bexley Learns A Lesson

After a while, the Bangbros finally realized how talented Nicole really is, so they invited her over to their filming again and it was a mind-blowing idea! And what for are they calling her back, you may ask? Well, mix up a young girl with some forbidden fruit family frenzies and you get a number 1 porn hit on the internet!

Allegedly, she’s been caught sexting by her stepdad Jovan. He’s scolding her for what seems to be hours because it’s a bad habit a young and sexy teen like she can develop. He asks her what if her mother found out about it, of which she didn’t even want to hear about! Since the set of events is put in this certain way, there’s nothing else left for Jovan to do but to teach his stepdaughter a lesson. He doesn’t want her mother to know anything about their devious mischief!

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Jovan demonstrates her improper behavior, telling her that she’s dressed like a slut, then slipping his hand underneath her top, grabbing her tit! She was terrified, but there wasn’t a thing she’d refuse, so she went on with the flow! Jovan later demanded her to grab his cock through the trousers. Very soon she’s busy sucking his dry dick to a maximum soak level!

What does a stepdaughter need to do in order to get what she wants?! She gets a big dick, that’s for sure, and it barely fits her narrow pussy! But don’t worry, daddy’s here to help!

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2. I Have A Wife with Sean Lawless

Sean Lawless and Nicole Bexley have their ways of communication from Naughty America. They continue their mutual saga with Nicole’s second and, by now, final filming, dated July 15, 2016. These cheating scenes on Naughty America (90% of all scenes) give me a special tingling in my pants, and that’s why I adore this site.

I most surely have to put Naughty America multiple times on my best porn videos toplists no matter the porn star name that’s behind it! Sean this time has a wife, but it seems like he’s not very satisfied with her, at least sexually. Thankfully, he keeps a mistress in his pocket. Just in case, and whenever the wife isn’t around, it’s time to pull an ace from his sleeve – Nicole Bexley with her amazing bubble butt!

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It was a perfect moment, wife gone, Nicole was there – no one to mess around with their clique of the day! Until wifey surprisingly got back home, picking up her bag which she forgot to take! Oddly, she hasn’t caught them in the act, but it was a difficult turn for a moment there!

I was shocked in real life, even though, you know, it’s only porn! What’s even crazier, these two continued on with their sexual traditions like nothing happened, totally settled and determined to get that Sean’s thick dick into Nicole’s, now wide pussy!

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1. Dildo Drone

The new generation of technology has hit the entire world, so why would it leave out our porn one? Reality Kings have a new toy on their grounds – a brand new drone with a dildo ending – extension! Innovation, people! And who else would be first to try it out, then the new generation of fresh and smoking hot girls, such as busty Nicole Bexley and Adrian Maya?

Adrian is at Nicole and Tony Rubio’s shop, where they sell this crappy stuff and they’re proud to present their toy of the year – Dildrone! After some quality time negotiating, they come in terms to try out this new method of self-pleasuring outside of the shop – for some bucks!

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They place frisky Nicole on the comfortable table or whatever that is, covered with a cloth while Tony is beside her commenting on the mic for the “TV”. And he talks even more while Adrian is piloting that darn drone, with a huge plastic dildo attached to its scorpion extremity! Adrian is really good at is, as she hit the bullseye, straightly aiming at Nicole’s deep pussy!

Once they had enough of this fake sex fun, it was time to move things inside the shop where Tony coped with both of the girls, solely with his giant penis! After a decent amount of cash, the girls tested their deep throats, then applied the dick on their previously mentioned pussies! They really hit a bargain here, do come again! Literally!

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