Top 10 Strip Clubs in Europe

If you ever decide to take a trip to Europe and you want to have an amazing night out, you will want to know a few places that you can visit. There are many activities that each major city has to offer, but many people are only interested in strip clubs that have gorgeous dancers who perform on the stage or for individual customers. Watching a girl dance in a seductive way while getting partially or fully naked is something that you don’t want to miss out on.

The following list should give you a few good options, especially since it covers a large portion of the continent. Each entry has its own advantages over others and choosing the suitable one solely depends on your personal preference. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the list and inspect each of the most well-known strip clubs in Europe!

10. Foca Loca Night Club – Milan, Italy


Foca Loca blends a nightclub and a strip club together to bring an amazing experience to all of its customers. Located in Milan, this strip club is one of the best in the city because of many reasons. There are regular events which are held and you can always find upcoming events as well.

The website not only showcases photos, videos, and upcoming events, but you can also take a virtual tour of the establishment and inspect everything about it. As you will see, this is a club that you want to visit!

9. Angels Club – Copenhagen, Denmark



Every night, from 9PM, Angels Club opens its gates to those who want to see some of the finest girls of Copenhagen dance and enjoy themselves. The website can show you all of the different drinks that you can consume at the club and you can also take a look at the girls who are working there. Each girl has multiple photos, in different clothes as well as in different positions.

If you choose to purchase a bottle of champagne and you settle on the girl that you want to watch, you are truly going to feel very special and the girls will make this night a memorable one!

8. Forbidden Nights – London, England


When we talk about strip clubs, we immediately think of girls getting undressed and dancing on a striper pole. This is not exactly true in the Forbidden Nights club, as they mostly cater to the needs of women who want to look at good looking guys. Depending on if you want to participate in the show, spend the night in the company of your friends or you want to be treated like a VIP, you can purchase the type of ticket that suits your needs the most.

If you do not want to spend a night at the club, but would rather have a dancer visit you and dance on one of your events, you can easily hire one of them through the website.

All of the dancers are buff and they have worked hard to achieve such bodies. Male strippers and pole dancers are becoming more popular and if you are interested in learning more about this subject, be sure to look at the list of the best male pole dancers.

7. Alcatraz Exclusive Club – Helsinki, Finland


A stripper pole might be the most important aspect of strip choreography and watching girls go up and down on that pole is mesmerizing. This is exactly what the Alcatraz Exclusive Club in Helsinki is offering.

With multiple stripper poles and new girls entering the stage every 10 minutes, you are never going to feel bored in this establishment. All of the girls are good dancers and they will get naked in front of you without any hesitation.

A fully licensed bar is also available, so you are not going to be left thirsty and the drinks will ensure that you have a great time with your friends or by yourself. This strip club is a must-see if you ever decide to stop by the city of Helsinki!

6. Beverly Hills Vienna – Vienna, Austria


This might be one of the very few legit strip clubs in Vienna. Beverly Hills Vienna has everything that you would expect from a club where girls dance and get fully naked; there’s a stripper pole, a cage for the dancers, a bar and many tables from where you can enjoy the entertainment. You can either sit in the main room and watch girls on the poles and the main stage or you can go to the VIP section and receive private lap dances or table dances.

Events, dancers, as well as the available drinks are all visible on the site and you can gather information before visiting the club. It also offers a variety of pictures about the club itself, previous events as well as the girls who are going to keep you company throughout the night.

5. Funny Nightclub – Hamburg, Germany


For the longest time, the Funny Nightclub has been the best place to go in Hamburg if you want to have a few drinks and watch sexy stripper girls.

Not only that this establishment offers exotic dancers from all around the World, but it also has an escort service that you can use. If you want to book a girl for an event or you simply want to take her to your hotel room, get it touch with the club, as they can surely help you choose the right woman!

There are many regular customers who can vouch for the exceptional assistance which was provided by this nightclub. If you are interested in learning more, you can always check their site or get in touch with them immediately.

4. Secrets – London, England


With 4 strip venues in a densely populated area of London, the Secrets strip club joint is one of the most popular attractions for people who want gorgeous girls to dance for them. Since 1997, when the first club was opened, people have been spending crazy nights in these clubs where they could finally relax and enjoy the shows that are performed by the professional dancers from all around the World.

It does not make a difference if you are a local or simply a tourist who is trying to have some fun, the Secrets strip clubs can give you what you want!

3. Hot Peppers – Prague, Czech Republic


The Hot Peppers club can truly give you everything that you want from a strip club. Not only that there are many girl dancers who perform each night, but the luxurious establishment ensures that you have a great time with a VIP lounge, various private rooms, a fully stocked bar and the main stage. You can choose to sit near the stage, where performers dance on the stripper pole and get undressed in a very sexy and seductive way.

Take a closer look at the Menu on the site if you would like to see the lengthy list of the available drinks that you can consume if you choose to spend some time in Hot Peppers.

2. Sexclub Maxim Wien – Vienna, Austria


Stripper girls are very appealing, but what if I told you that you can get a lot closer to these amazing looking dancers? In Sexclub Maxim Wien, you are able to have sex in the club or you can choose a girl who is working there and pick her up in front of the club. There are many types of women you can book and you can get to know each of them a little more through the website, where you will find general information about them, their photo galleries as well as the services that they are offering.

The club offers a comfortable and sexy atmosphere to all of its customers via great music, light show, a stripper pole where there is always a girl dancing as well as sofas where you and your friends can have a drink. A fully stocked bar is also available and you can take the girl you like into one of the private rooms for a more intimate experience.

If you are ever in the capital of Austria and you want to have an amazing night with a magnificently looking girl, be sure to visit this club as they truly have a one of a kind service that you won’t find at other strip clubs. Vienna has many studios that offer similar services, but you need to be careful, as there are others that you want to avoid. Here is a list of the shadiest clubs in this beautiful city.


1. Darling Cabaret – Prague, Czech Republic


The Darling Cabaret is not only famous in Prague, but people from all around Europe as well as other parts of the World travel to the Czech Republic, just to see one of the amazing shows which are being performed there. Besides the girls dancing and undressing, you can also see some of the best shows available in Europe! These shows are actually professionally choreographed and they are very enjoyable to watch.

Of course, just like in any good strip club, the girls get fully undressed and you can fully immerse yourself into the amazing performance that is on the main stage. Strip shows, pole dances, lesbian shows, Moulin Rouge style shows as well as various other presentations are visible throughout the week. You can see the list of programs on the website and you can also watch numerous videos as well as pictures about previous events and the club itself.

Visiting the Darling Cabaret is an experience that you are never going to forget, as you can rarely find such performances anywhere other than here!

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