Top 6 Blonde Pornstars of 2017

Enlargening our range of porn stars empowers us to search for more of them, because this is a wider category than something specific(er) like Slim or Ebony Pornstars or whatever. Blondes may include the ones with the biggest tits, biggest ass, the shortest, tallest, pale white, black, Asian, or we might as well combine all these things together! What a monster would that girl be, huh?!

More people would find these girls appealing, not just because they’re blonde, but because they’ll have a variety of appealing things ON them, so each and every one of you will find your non-destined love from the weird part of the internet. Some like it small, some like it big, doesn’t matter, it’s a buffet of sweet chicks that are blonde!

Thankfully, most of the goodies dye themselves, so that’s extra help for our article! You may have seen some of the bitches at this partay someplace else, but that’s only because the word is a special babe that cannot be excluded from anywhere, due to their amazing performances!

Blonde is the most wanted niche regarding hair colors, I see no color that can top blonde off! It’s something about that bright, eye-shining flash, creates some mass illusions in our head that these chicks are wilder than others.

I do have to acknowledge because I for am a fan of blonde chicks, but I don’t prefer them over the others. Pornstars are like your guides, like real stars whose paths you ulteriorly follow. Well, maybe not the porn part, but their styling is somehow getting to you, open your eyes!

I’m no smith of conspiracy, I just found the unforced use of porn plots in real life happening more often than not. Maybe it’s because of the hair, really… Some resemblance of your blonde stepmom that your dad married… What goes around, comes back around step-family. That’s gross! Get this out of my head; initiate the article, quickly! Top 6 Blondes that marked this year:

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6. Sheena Shaw

Glistering Sheena Shaw, where ever she goes there’s a huge echoing voices that she leaves off lifting like dust, and we seem always to eat that girl’s traces! But why dust? Is it because of the plain idiom? I recall of Sheena the most because of her scenes in the wilderness, where she poses naked like she’s at home!

Oh yeah, I’ve got a perfect picture in my head to describe that, it’s the full article (link at the bottom) where she is in sneakers, treading on a wood log! And no, I’m not implying the log onto a giant dick, but that’s also not far away from the truth, but she literally is standing on a tree. At least it used to be one.

Sheena appears larger on pictures, maybe because she’s elevated in comparison with the camera that’s lowered, but she’s only 5’2 (157 cm)! You’d never tell that she is 32-years-old, born on 1985 in Minneapolis. Just at 17, she joined the US Army where her job was cracking Morse codes. She served her spot for 10 months, and finally, a couple of years later, as an oncoming stripper, she made a debut in porn.

Check out this interview with Sheena Shaw about anal sex on

2011 was her starting year, and right off the bat she started signing for huge porn studios, and nothing has changed ever since. Shaw still is blonde, has small A titties, a nicely rounded ass and a desire to screw guys ’till eternity. More than that is just overage, this is all that we need!

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5. Devon Lee

I have lost count on how many times lustful Devon was listed in our top rankings, and it’s all well-deserved! She has always been a social person, an extrovert, outgoing and has found satisfaction in meeting new people and befriending the worthy ones, while still remaining friendly to those who aren’t as close.

The porn industry recognized that personality in her stripper-self that she was since 1998. She’s a fan of horses and likes to ride bareback, loves swimming and dancing. Her career made a twist in 2005 when she was introduced to porn, years later she picked up some prestigious awards from prestigious magazine companies.

Devon is a highly-classed MILF or Cougar, Indiana raised her to be that way since her late puberty. Today, she’s a foxy 42-year-old mamma, married to Marcus London, as of 2007, and to this day’s date. It’s quite lovely to find your soul mate in the middle of the Sodomized industry where everyone bangs everyone!

Devon Lee’s Twitter profile is full of her sexy pictures, plus she updates it daily! Follow her activities through the day on her official Twitter page 

It must be that Marcus had something more to show to her, rather than his cock up her pussy! Well, it stayed there for 10 huge years, so congrats to the married couple! For a lady in her forties, Devon deserves every top spot in which she can participate technically, compatible for it! She sure cannot be listed in a Teen article!

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4. Sarah Vandella

A stepped blonde hair with shades of brown to the tips, Sarah is one beautiful chunk of meat! She’s simply gorgeous, and is packed with lots of things most guys love: Sarah’s blonde, meaty, has big 34D tits which are fake, and an ass that has more arc than the basketball three-point line!

Born in 1983, New York, she’s one of the best representatives of the Big Apple! That urban attitude is still present in her behavior, giving herself slightly more accreditations than the rest of the girls widespread across the rest of US.

She’s horny as fuck, and fucks like a horn-y! Them postage stamp nipples feel a breeze, sharpen up that they could cut glass! For a decent size of 160cm and 55kgs, those tits look unfitting, stolen from a bigger babe a placed on this small dynamite!

Nothing that high-heels cannot replace! They express her thighs and calves, looking like she had a world record 1000m run! The apple bottom booty is always in place, staring at you and ulteriorly calling in for your hanging little guy to stick in between them ass-cheeks! I still don’t understand why there aren’t measurable sizes for an ass so that you believe what I’m saying!

You gotta see a bigger picture than a simple appraisal from me, the most subjective guy that is your friend. Check out the full article and see some of those sexy photo shoots!

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3. Alexis Fawx

It’s odd how a bunch of huge MILF pornstars is born in the same year, 1975. I must’ve stumbled a few times on the same year while I assembled these rankings, and I was quite impressed, yet, bewildered. What happened that year? Does someone know the history behind that year? I definitely do not, since my belongings are easily in a Millenial!

Anyways, the outburst of MILF porn stars in 1975 continues, creating Alexis, a blonde Fawx that’s not shy of a single part of her body! She’s gorgeous, has nice tits, fake ones too, and a tiresome pussy that’s exhausted of all the pressure it coped with during these 7 long years in the industry!

That’s nothing for some, and I do believe that Alexis has more gunpowder left in her, more explosive than she ever was! You gotta give her a break, she did actually acquire a college degree while she hadn’t had a conception about porn and it’s effective ways of gaining money by pure talent!

Click here and check out Alexis Fawx on IMDB where you can find most of her porn titles

I’m not sure if Aleix could be disqualified for dying her head black for a period, but she’s too of a leverage in the porn industry that she’s allowed to make mistakes in her life, too! We forgive all of her insecurities, because of today, this is a GIRL that will make your jaw drop every time she comes around, on-scene!

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2. Kylie Page

They need to induce a new label for a porn star UT – “Ultra Thick”! If they could’ve done it with the video quality, they can do for the babe just as well! It’s a compliment to the chef, plus people’s searches and browses would be more efficient than ever!

It’s important that we’re on the same Page here, literally, because there is a pile of Pages competing in the race for the last stage name, and there’s this Kylie, a true winner of them all!

Since most of my words don’t mean much to you because I used up all of your trust, saying that Sarah’s only 20 years old wouldn’t convince you or something. But yeah, born in Oklahoma in 1997, Sarah’s younger than some teens in the top list of Teen articles, and somehow she managed to get to the second spot here? Where’s the logic?

Well, it’s all thanks to (or to blame) the scoring system. Teens are slim, petite, tiny, have small tits, are throwable objects and such, but Sarah’s something else! She is, though, only 162cm tall, but those curves simply don’t belong to a 20-year-old! Especially the full, but flat stomach and tits that produce more milk than some US farms!

I vanished somewhere far in the universe because a chick younger than me is more successful now than I was in her age. Sarah is a promise!

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1. Mia Malkova

[formatp]M[/formatp]ia must be the cutest porn star currently active. Not only her puppy-dog eyes and beautiful face make her up in this certain way, but her body built overall. She is overly sexy, has a great ass, cheeks that she can wiggle around just by flaunting like a peacock! Yeah, the C-O-C-K had to be arranged in that way in order to make lousy sex jokes.

Palm Springs 1992 are iconic, mostly because she was born then. Not because of numerous things California is known off, nohow. Did you know that Mia worked in McDonald’s? Started from the bottom now she here, however, the subject hadn’t changed much since then.

You can find a cool interview with Mia Malkova by My Dearest Desire, click here and start reading

Instead of putting sauce on fries for guys, guys be putting their sauce on Mia! It’s just a common mixup on who’s the striker and who’s the receiver, no biggie. That soft and smooth skin surely is that way because of the nurturing facial lotions! She knows the secret, swivel her ’round and pound… the link below!

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