9 Must-Watch Scenes With Cherie Deville

Cherie Deville Realitykings Naughty America porn star

Feeling hungry? For sweet, high-fructose porn? I’ve just got the right ingredient for you, my friend. It’s sort of a cherry, but this is a bit different. First it’s Cherie, and second, this isn’t a regular type of fruit salad you’ll make, tossing some fruit in the bowl, mixing it/blending it or whatever, finally eating and finishing it. It has some rearrangements in the setup.

Cherie Deville top MILF porn star in shower

When I come to think of it, it doesn’t actually. I mean, if we’re talking about a real Cherie Deville. First, you toss her tits, have some irregular fun with her pussy and ass. And then you eat it up! Nothing new here, plain and simple rules. Just like in any of the Cherie Deville movies. And finishing, at the end, of course. Whipped cream, anyone?

But, no, let’s be real this time. This cutie does transfer some sweetish taste from our small computer/phone screens, no joke. And sometimes it gets tastier than eating an actual fruit! This is another serious prof porn star we have here, and this is what a blonde looks like when she’s at her peak! She has the old school feeling attached to her, yet, it is related to her birthdate which is August 30, 1978. At 39 years of age, it’s still a privilege being called a girl.

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And she has all her privileges checked! I talk about her like she’s some fresh meat in the porn industry, but that’s quite unlikely. Most of us probably knew her from before, 350 movie appearances isn’t a tiny number!

And that accomplishment was acquired in only 5 years! Placing a parallel between these older gals and younger ones, you will see the latter performing in fewer movies.

It’s possibly ’cause this new generation is a bit lazy, while those who’ve reached their 30+ have a working habit. Like, porn is their normal work where they give their best! It’s quite a philosophy behind porn, only it’s so controversial that nobody wants to deal with it. Anyhow, back to our Cherie.

We have a pretty interesting interview right here by Mens Mag Daily with Cherie DeVille, go ahead and check it out

She was born in Durham City, North Carolina into a family of mixed descent (French and Canadian). Washington DC was the place of her childhood where she lived happily and rich in activities. She was quite a swimmer when she was 16, and also worked as a lifeguard.

In her later years, she worked as a physiotherapist before moving to porn. Her porn star characteristics are a mediocre-to-athletic body (5’5 = 165 cm). Fine but fake tits, and a shaky, medium-sized ass!

Her blue eyes are the two lethal weapons that sweep guys off their feet! They’re just gorgeous, it’s like there is a whole new universe located in her eyes! Amazing! Judging by these facts, she is a quite attractive woman and these MILFs always have something special in them. No one can elaborate, but it’s just like that. And us guys, accept it, rather than questioning it.

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She was popular for her lesbian films in the beginning. But she isn’t the first nor the last one to climb the ladder to get to the real one. The lesbian category just promotes female porn stars to higher levels. It’s kinda like a test or something, to prove if they’re worthy. Nevertheless, she has a nice list of AVN, Spank Bank, XRCO and NightMoves awards and nominations as well.

We wish her the best, maybe she’ll be the NEXT BEST THING! Before we go further, you need to know that these next 9 porn videos are the best you can find. I’ve dug deep into the internets to exploit them, and I did. I just couldn’t single out the best of the best. So I’ve come to the conclusion that each one already is the best. I’m telling you this because Cherrie has a lot more than just 9 awesome videos. However, I had to choose some of them! You just can’t make a mistake with her! Here they go…

9. Naughty Office with Charles Dera

This is the latest video of hers on Naughty America since their VR revolution. Now it’s strictly high-quality image with high-quality porn performance and performers!

Cherie’s friend Charles just got a worse position at the company because of the unsatisfaction from the boss’s side. The boss has a pretty good reason placing him lower because he caught Charles fucking his wife right at his office! Since it’s a grand story that everyone wants to hear about and it couldn’t be that forgotten without a repercussion, it also went through Cherie’s naughty ears as well.

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She liked what she heard, and not the demotion part of it. Instead, she was interested in the act that got him demoted in the first place! She wanted to know more about it, and if Charles is in a mood to demonstrate it, so be it! And so it was! Charles fucked harder than ever, but this time he won’t be facing any consequences since it’s his favorite colleague, Cherie! One of those classic Cherie Deville movies.

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[website text=’Take A Look Around on NaughtyOffice’ link=’http://naughtyoffice.naughtyamerica.com/track/articleheaven.′]

8. Evil Angel – My Evil Stepmom Fucked My Ass #2

It sucks when life compromises you. It sucks being Dakota Skye, whose dad married her English teacher, Cherie Deville and she hates her guts! They’ve even had a student-teacher talk after class to sort things out as much as they can, however, Cherie was just a conceited bitch, telling young Dakota that it is what it is, so she just has to channel it out.

Then Cherie grabs the teacher’s apple from her desk and puts it in Dakota’s mouth, and it’s when a hard pussy-to-pussy elaboration started! Cherie thought it would be the best punishment for being an ungrateful brat, plus she wasn’t even wearing panties so you’d probably sense the love in the air. The desk was quite helpful since Cherie did vaginal examinations for Dakota pretty easily.

Dakota was a sex slave there and I loved it when Cherie stuck her fancy glasses up her stepdaughter’s tight ass (the frames of the glasses)! After they’ve had their quality time, Cherie greeted Dakota, and told her to go home! I think that things will be straight from now on. What a typical one of all the Cherie DeVille movies!

[website text=’Her Official Profile on EvilAngel’ link=’http://www.iyalc.com/evilangel/go.php?pr=8&su=2&si=128&ad=268764&pa=pornstar&ar=32665&buffer=’]

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7. Hustler – Seduced by Mommy #3

This was the period when Cherie exclusively did lesbian scenes and do not fear, they’re just as skilled and hot as later in their boy-on-girl videos! Everything she needed for this scene is one Holly Michaels. And one funny bow tie on her head. It was probably the touch that was necessary so that we could differentiate these two.

For that ol… mature MILF, Cherie looks like it’s her first time performing, every time! Not implying her sex skills but rather her appearance! She looks stunning in all the Cherie DeVille movies! She wants to show her step daughter a great time and maybe she’ll learn something from her trained mom! There were soft kisses, gentle pinches, some fingering and titty-sucking! What more can we say about Hustler’s video and story quality, they’re famous for their

What more can we say about Hustler’s video and story quality, they’re famous for their porn porn, not some kind of a plot porn with a proper script. But trust me, you won’t even be having much time listening because every ounce of your blood will be converted to wood!

[website text=’This Movie And Much More On Hustler’ link=’http://secure.hustler.com/track/MzAwMjA4NS4xLjkuOS4wLjAuMC4wLjA’]

6. Moms Teach Sex – Do What Mom Says

It’s very important to listen to your parents, especially to your mom, if you’re a girl teenager prone to horniness! She knows what’s best for her child, probably because she went through these stuff in her life.

This is where Anya Olsen was wrong. She didn’t try to get some advice from her stepmom Cherie, so she skipped to the part where she’s making out with her boyfriend Tyler Nixon! He was playing with her tits right on the couch, where they will most likely be caught since it’s in the middle of the house! And, eventually, they did. Tyler was just ready to receive a blowjob from Anya when all of a sudden her step mom showed up!

Cherie was shocked, however, she acted quickly and rationally. She grabbed him by the dick and pulled him all the way over to the bathroom, demanding him to clean his dirty dick! Never mind him, she’ll do it herself! Once she got his tool shiny, she told him that if he wants so do it with her daughter, he must overcome her first!

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He was kind of confused, but soon enough, he hopped into the bed to start pounding Cherie’s pussy until her daughter now shows up! Before she even got to comment what she’s seeing, Cherie hasn’t yet distributed all the punishment to these kids so she told her to take her clothes off and put her pussy in her mom’s mouth! You don’t need a condom for safe sex when you have mother Cherie by your side! Damn, these types of Cherie DeVille movies are lovely!

Cherie Deville Nubiles Moms teach sex

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5. Reality Junkies – Couples Seeking Teens 14

I love reviewing these educational porn videos, it makes my articles intelligent. But they wouldn’t be if there weren’t as many MILFs like Cherie Deville. They’re our masters that we should obey and follow! You can’t withstand her generosity! People should learn from her. Regardless of her unique ways, she always finds a way to keep her closest friends, family, and even husbands happy!

Following that up, it was her husband’s birthday, so she thought how can she make him happier than ever this year? That’s right! She can bring some fresh, young blood to their sheets, to break the simplicity and the grayness of their sex life. Mischa Brooks was the right choice! Her husband was asleep, when Mischa tried to wake him up by touching him in the right places* (* if this wasn’t a porn article, “wrong places” would be more correct).

At first, he freaked out because he thought it was his wife Cherie, and the good guy just backed off, because he ain’t a cheater! Until Cherie gave him a green light, which was quite a rash reaction! He fucked this young pussy good, however, he did share some of the moment with his wife who also got some of that piece of meat! It’s always a good idea to bring a change to your sex life, at least for special occasions! That’s when your life, in general, gets better! Another one of the best Cherie DeVille movies!

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4. MILF Hunter – All Business

Reality Kings’ MILF Hunter has reached their yearly intersection, where they have to calculate the taxes, income, and all that economical crap. Their regular guy on the job was Curtis, who just wasn’t feeling like collecting the taxes for the year. Thankfully, he’s allowed to make a phone call to an assistant that could do the taxes instead.

Once he ordered an assistant to his “office”, it turns out it was his wife with whom he talked to. It was a relief for him to lay his tired eyes on his gorgeous beauty and after a long workday, she was all numb. He offered her a shoulder rub which totally did come in handy for her!

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But it just wasn’t enough, so they’ve proceeded the massage on the couch and it was his cock which was the subject of this massage! He fucked his wife really good so that the calculating process could be done quicker later on! A sex stress relief is a good belief!

Top MILF blowjob on Reality Kings

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3. I Have A Wife with Derrick Pierce

Cherie took her training quite seriously and she’s giving her best to train her body to its peak performance! While she was pushing limits, something bad just had to occur and it did – she hurt her ankle! Fortunately for her, her trainer is really caring for his people whom he trains with, so after Cherie’s complaint, he headed right over her place to check on her.

It was a sore ankle, he couldn’t do much since the pain goes away with time. All that he actually can do is to make her feel better in a quite enjoyable way, which she wanted more than ever! He is a married guy, but it’s his trainees we’re talking about here! It’s only business! Cherie got the hop on his cock like she never did before! Cherie DeVille movies are sometimes just these popular cheating wife themed ones.

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2. Sweet Sinner – The Masseuse 7

Devious things are happening at the massage parlor which is managed by Cherie Deville. She’s pissed off at her employee Michael Vegas who’s having an affair with his colleague Alina Li, and she was aware of it the first time she touched her! After he got out of the massage room to the lobby, she went to Cherie’s desk, where she booked and filed appointments.

She was sitting at her desk and once Michael got near, she threw her pen at him, being disappointed at him! He even wanted to open up a rival massage parlor, and he just stood there proudly in front of her like it’s nothing, so they eventually started arguing!

Quickly after their argue, they found themselves on the massage bed, so she grabbed her face and they’ve started kissing! Plot twist! Then some dry humping was there until they had done the right thing! He fucked her brains out so that she couldn’t therefore even be mad at him! What a set of events!

[website text=’Her List Of Videos on SweetSinner’ link=’http://www.iyalc.com/sweetsinner/go.php?pr=8&su=2&si=157&ad=268764&pa=actor&ar=31683&buffer=’]

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1. Moms Bang Teens – Loving Lucy

After a nice tennis match, it’s always good to take a long hot shower to get that sweaty dirt off of you, shining the victory or washing off the defeat from you. Van Wylde and Lucy Tyler are heading to Lucy’s house after the match and Van wanted to go home and take a shower. Lucy asked him why doesn’t he want to take a shower at her place since he’s already there?

He responded that he doesn’t want to cause any drama in case her stepmom Cherie catches him or something! Cherie overheard them talking and she approached them and told Van that she doesn’t have a problem with him showering at their place! Van was delighted so she went to the bathroom to get undressed!

Meanwhile, Cherie told her stepdaughter Lucy to wait for the shower to turn on, and that’s when they’ll start Van hunting together! The two stripped butt-ass naked and joined Van while he was showering. Soon after this clean 3 established a love-making triangle! It’s even better when you have victory sex after a good tennis match – this is what I forgot to mention! The absolute best on our list of Cherie DeVille movies!

Moms Bang Teens MILF Threesome

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