Nikita Bellucci Gets Messages from 12-Year-Olds Asking Her for Sex

Off-topic I suppose, but recently Nikita Bellucci opened wide for the public speaking about the random spontaneous event that occurred in her personal life. Namely, it might’ve happened before, however surely it increased lately, but she kept receiving messages on her social media accounts from 12-years-old that just got falsely introduced to sex on the internet.

It’s a living wonder that so many pre-teens got hooked on it, not sure what’s the cause of that outburst of minors in this meanwhile, but their parents are definitely the ones to blame, just like Nikita did.

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Truth to be told, it’s too easy to get access to adult sites these days generally, however, measure deployment is mandatory and is prescribed as a duty if you are a parent of a child if you want your child to use the internet responsibly and behave non-impulsive.

Parental blockages exist everywhere just to add up my penny’s worth. Nikita said literally a paraphrase of mine, or mine from her quote, saying that she’s tired of educating kids, totally blaming the parents for unappropriate lessons considering sex.

She revealed the 3 messages from boys she received and that tweet received a couple of thousand retweets, people seriously taking it and commenting like the real Social Justice Warriors of today.

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The first kid posed his age first and immediately after you see him begging for certain sex stunts. The other one also relayed his age (12) first before stooping into an intimate conversation. The third one just entered teens (13) and asked her for nudes. Blame that one on the meme community for making it live long enough.

She smartly responded: ‘No. By contrast, I can send screenshots to your parents.’ The texts are in French and I’m no translator, so feel free to check her Twitter account, the tweet is still active and readable. She did her part by sending their Twitter addresses to their respective parents and warned the people about having a proper sexual education just before the sensitive periods start at teen.

So, in conclusion, parental monitoring should increase drastically, since people have been sending laudable messages to Nikita for expressing the by and large problem that could get more serious if prevention doesn’t soon come to existence.

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Other than Nikita whose concern surfaced, we’ll grant our readers six of her mentionable scenes from various websites, just to remind you with whom we’re dealing with here. It’s for an educational purpose, fortitude is required for a controversial subsequence after a serious talk!

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6. Evil Angel – Fuck It Up

The French actress is cleaning her fanny thoroughly, hitting the showers for a good liquidification and saponification before letting Manuel Ferrara hits her deck with his giant dick that we still haven’t forgotten how big it is! It’d be a huge relief was my mind to unload of the picture of his monstrosity, thank you.

Nikita posed and flaunted around with her predisposition aspects, here and there flashing us with the nice scorpion tattoo she has on her lower stomach, and afterward, when she was squeaking clean, she was completely ready for the Italian stallion to infiltrate her territory, possibly on the verge of causing another war involving France and Italy.

But, the intentions were peaceful, as he was just popping his dick out so that she can calmly suck it, and while things heat up, she can pick up the pace, and eventually offer him her ass to stick his giant wood up hers! The scene was also directed by Mr. Ferrara, so no need for a fancy cast up for grabs to shoot this minimalistic scene.

They did it on the bed, some POV action, some camera fixures on the other sides of the room, depending on how the director felt at the very moment, and if the camera was of his reach. A very glam scene, I almost applauded at the end. WITH MY DICK TAPPING MY THIGHS!


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5. 21 Sextury – The Champion Fucks

Nikkita takes her boxing practices seriously. She gives her maximum on each training day of the calendar. The punches she throws at the boxing bag makes my muscles strain respectively to the area she inflicts them. Don’t know what would you think, but this training session seemed legit to me!

She was all sweaty after you can see it due to the reflexion, light coming inside of the unprecedented, lone window. Her bandages must’ve been tightly gripped because she really showed the bag its worst nightmares. What? I’m supposed to review the porn part, not the training? Oh, my apologies.

Well, after a good workout comes a greater one but with Renato involved. He’s a bit of a mismatch in the ring. But he went a bit easy on her. At first. After they got into the scheme they started banging and you just witnessed the thin line between sex arts and martial arts. I’m not accusing anything of being gay in the previous sentence.

Renato somehow placed Nikita firmly between the ropes and he fucked her ass while she was helpless. After the good fuck, he whipped his dick until he came on her face! Sports, trademark!


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4. Anal Acrobats – Lil Gaping Lesbians 5, Scene 5

I’m starting to speculate about Nikita’s desire for anal. She must really love the feeling she gets while a shaft is inside her digestive tract, especially those long guns that clean her pipes to her guts. Luckily for her, this time she was spared from males ruining her dignity by ripping her anus with their dicks, so instead she was joined by Sammie Spades!

These two seem to have a positive synergy, complement one to another. This scene was all about ass since Sammie Spades couldn’t resist licking her bunghole like it’s a tasty chocolate cake, rather the chocolate being something else but we won’t get too far with the fetishes now, will we?

Screw men completely, modern-day dildoes are so thick and slick that it’s possible to remove the male from the social construct of sex! Once Sammie shoved that log inside her girlfriend, it expanded the range of her utmost far sides of her anus circle and left it gaping for some time. That’s pretty spooky if you ask me, I’m starting to question my masculinity!


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3. Reality Kings – Lust in Lace

Just when she thought she had her alone time with the castors and Reality Kings’ camera crew solo, up for an all-lingerie photo shoot, everything gets interrupted distinguished. The crew complied and they were happy to accept her in the beautifully fixed room serving as a studio, obliged to her ASAP but more of which of their horniness as it turns out.

They couldn’t contain themselves after looking at the photos they shot afterward, so things got real quick. She took some of her private covers and flashed us with her perky tits and after a prompt talk down, Nikita thought ti was her pussies time to shine alongside the vibrator she plugged into the outlet.

Sex maniacs James Brossman and Renato immediately after jumped into the picture and started slashing and hacking with their longswords, the brave and full-of-fortitude woman, Nikita Bellucci. They massacred her pussy and ass in a hot threesome, but her mouth hasn’t been spared as well. One came first in the pussy, the other on the face, later on, we are viewing her as a total disgrace once she gazed upon the lens – welcome to Lust in Lace!


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2. Naughty America – My Wife’s Hot Friend with Jordan Ash

The only time when the curtains close regarding porn is because of the noisy and meddling neighbors of the neighborhood Jordan Ash lives in. Mind your own business, people! His wife wasn’t enough of a sex object for him, probably because she nagged him to death and she was more of a drag than a good-giver. I’m not judging so let’s not point fingers.

He’s aware that the blinds/curtains aren’t montaged up for a romantic atmosphere so that the friends and family in the vicinity can take a peak of Nikita’s nice tits and ass while she’s tipping her toes through the house gently. He closes them, and that’s when the infidelity started, he undressed his porn queen and started banging her without interruption and no disturbance was in sight.

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He knows his wife working schedule like his pocket so they’ve got lots of time which is their friend like said on ESPN regularly. He banged her until he dropped a hot load that Nikita impatiently waited all this time, and no one will ever know that he was *this* close to becoming a father!


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1. Fame Digital – Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 6, Scene 3

To wrap this news slash top list article up, we’ll end it by this most gruesome, violent and kinky material, of course, the courtesy of the good, the bad, the handsome, Rocco Sifredi! Whenever he films his porn where he stars himself, he adds an interlude that’s totally incoherent to the plot.

Like, the girls, Nikita and Amarna Miller, were riding that open caged quad or car or whatever the hell you call that sand dune roadster, having fun harmlessly and so innocently. Then, if you accidentally skip the video, Nikita is all of a sudden in his dome, showing the profound pussy of hers with a seductive, devilish smile that just melts your heart and brain and dick.

I take it back, they started stuntin’ with the roadster, not just after the drive. One of the guys placed his head between the light fishnet of Amarna’s and her buttcrack, and ate her ass for supper! The location seemed public enough for me, although I haven’t seen any passer-bys around.

Possibly because they passed by. Once they got the girls in the heat of their pre-climax, there they go to the mansion for a small group orgy consisted of 3 guys and two girls, creating a gangbang cluster of 5 people, which can be perceived like that since the babes are outnumbered. Wow, I just made a theorem! And now I just made this article stop right here!


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