World-Known Pornstar Allie Haze and Her Boyfriend in a Healthy Relationship


Ever imagined yourself in a situation where your own girlfriend is supposed to sleep with other men on a consistent basis? Maybe that’s an unwanted cause if it crosses her mind after years of dating, but were you to enter a relationship with all these facts prominent, would you swallow it, act like it’s nothing, or would you just be as chill as Mike Adkins, Allie Haze’s boyfriend is.

He was whom said on an interview that it doesn’t bother him if it’s within the borders of work, and ‘…if it was something where she was just like, “I’m going out Friday night, going to hook up with some people, that would 100% bother me’.

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You’ve got to have a brain updated to the year 2018 in order to understand such an elaborate situation like this, but as far as it goes, their relationship is flourishing even after 4 years of attaining it on a high standard! Mike reveals us the secrets of sleeping with a porn star, how’s the sex life like and the feelings you get at intercourse.

A shocking surprise it was when he firmly admitted that he had no problems with it, relaying to us the truth like we’re listening to an average, happily connected couple. He said that he didn’t felt intimidated for the first time having sex and that just she’s a bit more experienced in bed than your everyday girl.

I guess she’s a freak in bed, we’ll never know, although we have more than hundreds of videos to expose us to her talents! Mike teaches us the fundamentals of a functioning relationship, how you should accept and therefore respect the surrounding career of your loved one, no matter what the work is!

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It’s a pinch of awkwardness when he asks her what’s she’s going through for the day, whether it is a lesbian or a boy/girl scene, she doesn’t go in details with him, but for each day at the office, she notifies him of her duties for the upcoming scene. They use it to the advantage of getting him on, so it’s a good arousing material to start off the roleplay.

Allie explains on her behalf how’s it like to be recognized on the streets and all, while Mike shared his story how he introduced his mother to his new-born relationship 4 years back and how the lady already knew about Allie since she’s hecking famous!

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After 8 years in the business, Allie hasn’t switched her thoughts about the industry, so we’re lucky to expect more and more from this nympho, and Sex Top Lists has prepared 6 of her finest scenes just for you to get a glimpse of her scenes, to show what’s Mike facing in reality!

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6. Fantasy Massage – A Happy New Year

For this merry scene, he probably had nothing against it in his subconscious, since it’s a trio fantastico based storyline comprised of Sasha Heart, Serena Blair and our guest of today, Allie Haze! Hate being a playa hater, but Allie looked better in her nearby past around the corner rather than today’s date, marking 2014 as her body was at her top peak and when she performed the best!

Of the three lustful girls, Allie’s enthusiasm gets things working and going around, being the only girl who’s excited about New Year’s Eve. She was doing some errands around town, and after finishing those she hastily rushed back home to get ready for the evening, for which Serena and Sasha weren’t nearly as excited as she is. However, they do love Allie, and what makes her happy, makes them happy as well, so knock off the negative vibes and hello New Year!

The ecstatic sense flow through Allie’s entire body, so viciously and hard, that while she was running up the stairs of her parents home, she slips and twists her ankle landing on an uncomfortable spasm. It wasn’t severe, a quick but effective massage might help, and what do you know, Sasha’s the right girl for the case, or that’s just her self-claim, to say the least.

Allie isn’t convinced that a few rubs might help her injured leg, well who would believe in such that while in grim pain. Regardless, Sasha and her assistant Blair took off Allie’s attire for the night to have an approach to her leg, however, the legs weren’t the only slippers of the day, they’re minds slipped and for a finger snap, the three developed hunger for each other’s pussies and I guess that’s where they’ll be spending their New Years Eve! Not a bad idea for next year.


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5. Devils Film – Young Freaks 3

This was the part when Mike flinched there for a bit, but lemme do my math to calculate whether they were together dating back in 2015. So, if you subtract 4 from 2018, you get 2014 and 2015 is a larger number than 2014, so that means that Mike will made-it. Okay, so yes, he locked himself in a sticky situation of knowing that Allie’s gonna get banged by Jon Jon, and he hoped for the best that the rest, uncovered body of his wasn’t as black as he was!

Maybe he had struggles in the beginning, and after a thousand days milestone of dating her,  acquiring her as a spouse, he grew his balls, evolved them to balls of steel and that’s why he’s so positive nowadays. Just look at this scene and tell me if you would be alright with your girlfriend squeezing a black guy’s huge dick with both of her hands and still not filling space by the way.

It’s a natural human reaction to be jealous of something within the border-line of possessiveness, however, you gotta curb it so that another made-up problem doesn’t come up. Jon Jon really showed Allie what’s he cooking under his waist, leaving no mercy to the passionate lovebird Allie which we know today.

Ok, maybe he was alright with a penis entering Allie’s private unattained domain, but the key elements were where did Jon Jon drop his load? Now that’s the question of loyalty and tolerance! Find out by watching my lads!


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4. Team Skeet – Working Too Hard

A thing or two to learn from Allie Haze just as well is to be dedicated to work as she was shown on this scene with the turbulence of commitment and energy levels put up to the work ethic. There are tough times when she exceeds the limit and pushes it way too far, neglecting her own well-being of all the work.

Mr. Stevens, her boss, is fully aware of the collegiality of his employee and he analyzed that the situation should be lowered down on the intensity. That’s why he thought that Allie deserves a little break from all that hard work, so he offered his hard dick as a method to rest and relax.

He wanted to trade a week off for Allie without shortening payment for some valuable, quality and intimate time with her on the office couch! Allie was in a dilemma, but not for so long as she did the right choice and accepted Mr. Stevens kind bargain, so she proceeded to undress herself to the boss and show him that he’s the boss by sucking his bald head’s head!

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Allie afterward of getting hard fucked in the office can spare a week worth of time from work and access it to her boyfriend finally! More often than not you’ll be getting more of the good than the bad from being a porn star!


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3. Naughty America – My Wife Is My Pornstar with Mr. Pete

Wow! The first time we popped Naughty America in 2018! It’s been so long! And to start it out, we’re gonna mention them in this very news article we assembled! It’s a fine dandy we got here, a quickie for the good pace of our broken hearts. Allie was off for a jog since that body she rocked in the earlier days had to be maintained in order to keep her curves.

It was an unusual day by the courtside she passes by on her daily route because that’s where she met this cute guy playing basketball, Mr. Pete was his name. She relentlessly, and carelessly imposed her seductiveness to him, and Mr. Pete is known for his naiveness and falling in love easily, he just had to stick a dick in this beauties pie hole!

She dressed in snow white lingerie with crystal white heels and with all the stepped hair she appeared amazing in this scene! Allie let Mr. Pete dig another hole on her bottom, pounding her ass like it’s his girl we’re talking about!

Naughty America grabbed the opportunity to provoke the crowd and her boyfriend with their short description of the scene by indirectly dragging him along in the story (subliminally) especially when they mentioned that Mr. Pete landed his seeds in Allie’s oral segment! Oh-wee didn’t they pour fuel on that fire or what?!


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2. Evil Angel – Enter Her Exit

Wow, I didn’t sign up for a rollercoaster ride with nostalgia today! Evil Angel, I missed you so much, you haven’t been passing through my hands for a long time, haven’t been typed about by them as well, and we finally got back! Specifically, Mike Adriano and his studio consisting of him as the one and only were the responsible culprits of my personal affection for Evil Angel!

Every time I review one of Mike’s sodomized scenes, a good thing happens that day, and I have a great feeling about the superstitious belief even now! Ah I see his culture being spread to Allie’s conduciveness, as she slobs on his knob, drooling all over it like she’s some kind of a bitch (dog)!

Besides the cries originated from the mouth that formed rivers flowing from the spring of his head tip to his balls as the affluent, she also let Mike fuck her anally, and she liked it so much that after every while she had to turn back and suck his dick how hot she was when his thick cock kept penetrating her tight ass continuously.

We always loved Mike’s self-appraisal after he pulls his dick out, and the thing he was boasting around about speechless, is when the camera focuses on the gap he creates of the small diameter he extended to a bigger one. What a narcissist. But we still love him to the bone!!! Mike Team for the win!! By the way, the title is my new motto definitely.


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1. Bangbros – Big White Booty Gets Pounded

I swear I had nothing to do by enlisting Bangbros as a number one! It was a mere coincidence! However, their porn blessings always induct the best scenes, unique at least, since I’m not very sure with what medicine did they drugged the Allie out of herself since she entered their property with a smile like she won 10 lotteries in a row and found God along the way.

The smile was as bright as this scene’s future was, spanning from her left to the right cheek and extending them to the fullest! Bangbros are the most charming cavaliers, and number one proof is Allie’s urbanistic outfit for the day, denim jacket with tight white shorts and a hoodie to cover that beauty.

Those folding clothes haven’t lasted for a significant amount of time, as she took it all off to show what really matters, her pink thongs! But at the end of the day, that’s just another apparel that’s being removed and the only trashy accessory left is the dick plugged into her pussy, and at times in her mouth.

She kept her pussy well moist for the long-haired bro that had her for lunch. He had a big one for her, but that’s no match for Allie’s round booty! Good thing that most of these scenes were approximately when she found her today’s boyfriend Mike, and don’t confuse Mike the BF with Mike the BFF (Adriano)! Both of them would get mad at the other!


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