Scarlet Red and her Top 8 Videos

Avast mateys! We gave in chase for gold, but we’re going to give up just now, anchoring down our Top List ship right here, because the gold mine has been uncovered! Scarlet Red is the ore being mined, and she’s pure gold!

Holy shit! And I that I’m tall! Scarlet gave away that she’s taller than usual, but she’s 5’10! That’s 177 cm! Goddammit. She’s taller than some male actors, what a bummer for those pipsqueaks! Other than a gimp body, Scarlet has one great talent – and that’s sucking cock, of course! Otherwise, she wouldn’t be what she is today, right?

Scarlet Red is a big star in the porn industry right now! You can check out her complete porn filmography on Scarlet’s IMDB page

Born on the 1st of August, 1992 in Colorado to parents originated in the mountains, Scarlet also took the first steps as a mountain girl. Well, it is Colorado, duh. Her father was a ski instructor, so she learned to ski at a young age.

What does even mountain girl mean? It sounds so overrishly offensive somehow. But it’s the truth. In Aspen, a city of Colorado, she trained soccer and volleyball. The other one probably is credited for her height… and tight ass.

Scarlet Red was interviewed by Die-Screaming and you can read the whole article on it by clicking here!  

Everyone knows that girls who play volleyball have the best asses, it’s common knowledge. She attended art college, later working as a nurse, I think. All prior to ultimately becoming a porn star! Enough of useless information overage. Something about her looks, the quirks and features of this girl.

Scar is a long, straight-hair blonde with a photogenic face you’d hire to be the cover of your movie, regardless of the category. An average to athletic body type, like I said, she’s tall, however, not much growth nor development had gone to her tits. But still, 34C is a mediocre size, not small.

Her lower body obviously is tremendously to die-for! Those thighs, groins, legs, calves… uh… undescribably good, inevitably dangerous!

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From 21 years of age, she’s been cooking some fresh dishes in the porn cuisine, and I have, for the first time ever, found interest in tall chicks regarding porn. I feel like Columbus. Finding something that already existed for ages, yet, claiming that it’s something else. I’m a fraud, naive and stupid! How should I done this to myself???

Anyways, I hope most of you guys agree with me on this one for tall chicks, and I’ll do my very best to convince you to it. If not, opinions differ, that’s what makes life great, right? Ahem, now for the top 8 list of Scar’s best scenes she performed in! Sex Top Lists, who else?

8. Pretty Dirty – Dr Sperm Donor

Am I the only one noticing the missing dot after Dr? Maybe I was lied to in school, who knows. Cowardly of me it is to spit on the plate that served me an education! And gave me the ability to talk about porn as a messiah! A leader, visionary.

Props to the disclaimer they placed as a prelude, it’s a misdemeanor to make fun of sperm donations through porn or making a parody of psychologists, who are professionals. Either though are closely relevant. Heck, no one wants to be sentenced for a minor mistake, right?

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Paging Doctor John Strong, report please to the surgery room 101! Too bad he’s a psychologist, not a surgeon, gals, hold your horses. The scenario launches pretty wrongfully, inserting two guys in the introduction, one’s a shrink and the other’s seeing one, talking about his problems.

Well, not exactly problems, but explaining how a creepy website he found online, used as a massage service to find 18-year-olds to be your masseuse.

Ukrainian porn actor John Strong has built a firm career from the moment he came into the industry! IMDB’s article has got something covered!

John helped the poor guy with his maniacal behavior, however, after the session, he went to his computer to check out the site himself! He’s quite lucky to find Scar as his match, so he immediately called her in!

Both of the personalities knew what does the other purposed for, so there were no masks to hide beneath, they grabbed each other and started making out! It’s funny how John seems short next to Scarlet, it looked like she was eating him! Until she dropped down on her knees to blow him off, later on, that leathery olive color sofa!

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7.Reality Junkies – Couple Seeking Teens #16

Onward with the sequels! I hope I don’t bore you with my obsessiveness with CST! It’s just genius. So easy as a way to direct the movie, yet so effective! Don’t coherent me shoulder-to-shoulder as a Reality Junkies proxy or whatever, you know I’m critical about porn, it’s infrequent for me to say that something is awesome!

This is most definitely a confusion. Namely, the stars of this scene are Kaylynn, Scarlet and Derrick Pierce, and I have to rail on the stupid trailer that showed Erik Everhard, Rose Red and Sovereign Syre, who are numerated properly, meaning that they’re scene number 3, while the one we’re looking for is #4.

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No preference, it is part of Couples Seeking Teens, but we’re not reviewing this masterpiece, rather Scarlet Red. And this isn’t a kind of a bold statement that CST is pure ignite, not as bald as Derrick’s shiny head is! The lucky guy fucked his wife, Kaylyn, however, that most surely isn’t enough for his stiff woody, so he has to find another goodie from the hoodie!!!

His cock seems smaller than the average porn star has, and no, I’m not jealous or anything by finding consolation, you guys are fully aware of the penis code of conduct I’m applying! It may sound gay, but believe me, it’s even gayer than you think! Suit yourself how you’re gonna comprehend this.

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6. Evil Angel – Sweet New Pussy

Determination is what emits, in the quest of finding the relevance of school in this video. Allegedly, Scarlet Red is slacking her classes, so she’s definitely in need of a special tutor for this type of arrogant behavior.

Mark Wood is the expert in his field, so he’s obliged to help this girl out. He steps in the house, only to find this imp flaunting her rocking body in a sexy bikini which showed too much! Her ass was delicious and her tits were like served!

Fortunately, she showed some respect and decency, going to her room to change. Now here’s the plot. Instead of clothes, she put on whipped cream on her perky tits, so that Professor Mark Wood can lick it off so that he doesn’t experience hypoglycemia or more tragic diseases.

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See how Scar is loving and caring? Yet, she’s the student and Mark’s the professor! He’ll teach her a thing or two in sex for starters, the collateral school material can wait for a better occasion! Now that’s how you do an oral exam SUCCessfully, Scarlet!

If you had done it like this in school, you’d be fucking younger college boys today, instead of this old wolf Mark Wood, who happened to be even married when he filmed. Note this if you want luck to follow you throughout your career!

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5. Reality Kings – Sexy Scarlet

Speaking of career, Scarlet’s REAR, in the sound of pronouncing the very term, is the credible majority of her glory and fame! Tits on her are esteemed like traffic lights in GTA. Without them, the game wouldn’t change by 1%.

However, it’s still attached to this girl, but as you see, Prince Yashua’s only concern is how many fingers can she stick in her pussy to completely replenish it. The tits are just two decorations which find use quite rare.

And they aren’t even on the spotlight here! Whenever Prince Yashua’s in the Reality Kings’ building, you just know that no one else is capable of stealing his show! But, a shout out for Scar, she looked so cute with a smile on her face and that blonde hair which shined like the sun. However, did Prince tell you how a smile can get you killed? By a brutal 12 inch black monster?

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Well, who doesn’t want to listen about it, thy he will hit his head against the wall due to stubbornness. Once Scar got his penis in sight, it still weren’t comprehensive, as when if she placed it in her mouth.

Only then, she’d witness the full power of a truck-initiating, plane-flying, cock-corking diesel he has there. So much torque and strength this guy’s machine has! I think that this scene changed the course of Scarlet’s life philosophy. I for sure would! A scene packed with gore! A must-watch!


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4. Team Skeet – Snow Bunny Booty

This snow bunny is a no-show, slow funny! Misclicking the ads of Riley Nixon and friends, I finally got to the stream. Scarlet was 18 years old back when this was filmed, and it’s not too far away.

I’m complimenting the quality of the filming and criticizing Scarlet who’s the snow bunny. Well, she is cute and all, like most of the 18-year-old girlies, but she lacked the height, the booty and the looty on the titty!

She wasn’t anything special, and don’t get this in the wrong direction, I’m not trying to say that she’s awful, just that she wasn’t sticking out from the rest. BACK THEN, guys, BACK THEN. Now she’s a 5’9 bombshell which can trigger at any time, leaving the Earth with half of its circumference.

She gained a few inches later, but let’s not talk about the other-dimensional future of the time this video was filmed. She’s a self-made actress, that’s for sure, setting up the camera by herself and all that, only to get her pussy pounded in front of the cam lens. What a gutty slutty!

Team Skeet took the opportunity while she was still fresh and so she’s one of their numerous assets even today! Praise the internet since it’s the best, and most deserving thing that humanity constructed!


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3. Sweet Heart Video – Lesbian Babysitters #12

My bell rings slowly and quite dull, but I think we’ve watched this from Julia Ann’s perspective. I admit, I didn’t know sh*t about with whom she’s talking to, neither who the hell Scarlet is, but now, I stand before God, regretting my life disasters.

Before continuing on, read more about Julia Ann on her Wiki. After that, we’ve also got a nice article covering her best videos!

DiSisters! Julia and Scarlet look like twin sisters here, but since Julia can easily be Scar’s granny, it’s like Scar went back in time to find her sister when she was her age!

They’re somehow in a house, dually babysitting a child, and they’re seeking for some adventures while the baby is asleep. Julia wanted a backrub, and in return, she got more change than the cash register, registered!

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A pussy rub is way more than mandatory, but You Only Live Once! Scar-lia is a great lesbian combo! These two feel each other’s pussy like they’re soulmates!

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2. Fantasy Massage – Bikini Babe

Scar’s new at her job at the massage parlor, whilst Marco Banderas is the usual satisfied customer looking for more rest and relaxation at their firm! He’s not sure if Scarlet is introduced to the methods and codex of the parlor, but he’s eager to draw Scar’s attention from the stale, stupid ways of massage techniques.

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They were having a conversation about it, and Marco tried to be as ulterior and as less vulgar as he can be, so to gesticulate the hidden meanings, he lowered his eyes down his groins to lend Scarlet the eyes of reading between the lines!

She hadn’t felt a bit confused, so without stuttering, she grabbed his dick and lead him to the chambers of the parlor, a.k.a. the pleasure dome!

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1. Sweet Sinner – My Daughter’s Boyfriend 12

After failed attempts of keeping her naughty boyfriend low-profile, Scarlet couldn’t bare the deficiency of her sexual needs, so she kept Marcus London intact of her heart, even though he’s having some trouble with the ex-wife, and I mean, which divorced guy doesn’t? Ok, those ones who are widows, but we won’t turn this article so dark and void…

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Scarlet was next to him overhearing the talk, and she’s there for Marcus to light up his gray world! These bed sheets wrinkles tell the sex stories of this bizarre couple, and it’s left to you guys to decide if you also want to know how Marcus fucks this bitch! No focus on the guy, it’s just we’re aware of how a whore can Scar be already!

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