Worst and Best Brothel Levels in Video Games

Ever since brothels and strip clubs have become immensely popular, video game developers have started to implement them into their gameplay as well. There are numerous games that have used a brothel as a story-telling device, while there are also many developers who put a strip club into their game simply for fan-service. There is nothing wrong with a good brothel level in a video game, but it kind of loses its purpose if it’s there just so gamers could see some of their favourite characters in lewd scenarios. This doesn’t mean that they are particularly bad, especially if you just want to look at some breasts in your video games.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the worst and best ways video game developers have implemented a brothel or strip club into their game. Additionally, we will also feature some of the best brothels and strip clubs that you can visit in real life right now! If you’re interested in seeing which games have done it right and which ones have failed to do so, be sure to keep on reading this post now!

Worst Brothels and Strip Clubs in Video Games

Before we examine how some of the best brothels in video games are implemented, we should first introduce how developers shouldn’t perform strip clubs in games. Don’t get us wrong, the games and brothels that we will mention in this section aren’t terrible, but there’s really nothing in it for the player other than some fan-service.

This means that the brothels you’ll see here are not particularly interesting and there’s not much you can do in them, other than looking at virtually generated breasts and erotic dances, which isn’t bad either. Naturally, there are people who gravitate towards these types of games, but we wouldn’t say that they are very entertaining to say the least. So, with that out of the way, let’s look at some of the worst brothels and strip club implementations in video games to date!

Metro Last Light – Venice Strip Club

The world of Metro Last Light is dark and definitely not a fun place to live in. That’s why some residents of this world choose to spend most of their time in the Venice Strip Club. You can find everything that you would want in a strip club, but there’s really not much else to it other than that. On the up-side, because of the high-definition graphics of the game, the ladies who dance and undress in the establishments are real treats for the eye. You can pay bullets (yes, bullets) for a lap dance and watch one of the strippers move seductively just for you.

The problem with Metro Last Light’s strip club is the fact that there’s not much you can do here other than an occasional lap dance. As a result of this, it seems as though the strip club has been put into the game simply so that players could look at naked characters dancing.

Grand Theft Auto V – Vanilla Unicorn

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge game where you can literally do anything you would want. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that there is a strip club in the game that you can visit if you wish to. The Vanilla Unicorn is an establishment in Los Santos where you can watch nearly naked women dancing on the stage or you can hire a dancer for a private striptease. In fact, you can even pay more than one lady for their services and enjoy a duo lap dance.

screenshot from GTA V
a screenshot from GTA V

The game allows you to move the camera around and even touch the women, which should not be an option in reality. In addition to dances, the main character can have a few drinks or get into a bar-fight with the locals. Just some usual Grand Theft Auto things.

The game has other types of adult entertainment options too, but none of them add to the gameplay experience. They are simply there to show off the nicely rendered breasts and bodies of the strippers. And this is why we have decided to include Grand Theft Auto V’s Vanilla Unicorn in the worst brothels in video games section.

Best Brothels and Strip Clubs in Video Games

Now that we have the bad eggs out of the way, let’s take a closer look at how a brothel and strip club level should be implemented into a game. The following entries all have something unique in them and the setting of a brothel isn’t simply used to show off nicely rendered bodies, but rather as story-telling devices or places that you want to visit because they are fun. Let’s see which games managed to add some of the best brothels and strip clubs in video gaming history!

The Wolf Among Us – Pudding & Pie

Unlike our previous entries, The Wolf Among Us uses the strip club (Pudding & Pie) as a way of showing what kind of a world the game is set in, as well as introducing one of the antagonists of the series. This is the place where you meet Georgie Porgie for the first time, the sleazy owner of the strip club and one of the close associates of the main villain.

From the moment you set foot in the establishment you can feel that something isn’t right with the place. As you enter the club area, you can see a girl who doesn’t seem to enjoy dancing on the stage, while Georgie shouts instructions at her.

There is some nudity involved, but this isn’t why you’re here. You start interrogating Georgie about the recent murders in Fabletown, but he plays dumb. You then proceed to wreak havoc in the establishment until he gives you what you want. You later visit the Pudding & Pie once again, when some sudden and unexpected things happen. We’ll let you experience that for yourself.

Telltale Games managed to put a strip club in their game not solely for the player to look at breasts, but rather as a way of telling a story. This is one of the ways how strip clubs should be used in video games, and we hope to see more of these types of interpretations.

Dragon Age: Origins – The Pearl

Another way of implementing brothels into the gameplay is actually making them fun and exciting places to visit, just as they are in real life. This is what BioWare managed to do when they created The Pearl in 2009’s epic role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins.

In The Pearl, the main hero or heroine can choose to spend a romantic evening with another character of any gender or race, as well as the option of being surprised. In case you choose the latter option, you will be treated to one of the numerous interesting scenarios.

For example, one of the possible things that can happen is your character waking up in a room filled with scarecrows, flower pots, vials of unknown fluid and an assortment of other strange items, without any recollection of what had happened. There are various other things that can happen, one stranger than the other. In The Pearl you can even complete a side-quest and acquire specialization for your character, so it’s actually worth visiting the brothel at least once.

BONUS – Best Strip Clubs in Real Life

Now that we have the virtual world out of the way, let’s take a look at some strip clubs and brothels that you can actually visit in real life, shall we? These places really exist and they are definitely more fun than their virtual counterparts. The following section will only feature some of the best brothels around the world, but you can always read our article about the subject to learn more!

Sexclub Maxim Wien – Vienna, Austria

Maxim Wien is a very popualr Strip Club in Austria when it comes to sexy ladies dancing on the stage. The club always has pretty women in their repertoire of strippers and you can even have sex with these women right there in the club. Being one of the most popular places in Vienna truly shows that this is something that you should definitely experience for yourself whenever you have the time. Great music, fantastic drinks and gorgeous ladies await you in Sexclub Maxim Wien!

Playhouse – Warsaw, Poland

The Playhouse is truly an exclusive gentlemen’s club where you can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere, watch ladies dancing on the stage or invite them to a private dance in one of the themed rooms in the establishment. With a plethora of great looking women, and a few ugly ones (this is advertised on the strip club’s website), you can undoubtedly find someone who is going to make your day that much better.

Of course, there are many other great strip clubs in real life that you could potentially visit. For further information about some of the best brothels around the world, check out the following article: Top10 list of the best Strip Clubs in the World

Parting Words

We have only covered a short list of strip clubs and brothels in video games. There are numerous other entries both in the great and disappointing categories. Video games have been trying to implement these types of establishments into the gameplay for years, some with more success than others. As we wrote previously, there’s nothing wrong with showing off high-definition naked bodies, but we prefer when there’s actually something interesting happening in these establishments.

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