6 Toplist of the most beautiful girls in Wien

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, obviously. But in order to make a verdict and create a Sex Toplist that makes sense and that is really helpful in finding the girls you like, we need to establish criteria to determine what is beauty in our case.

    Beauty in our opinion means: Having a good figure, female round body with a bosom that resists the laws of gravity, a nice pretty face with clean skin and not too many scars.

    So it seems that real beauties are hard to find. Well, not that hard really. In a city like Vienna with that many brothels, there is a large variety of girls and a good portion of them is truly hot.

    Two More Beauties Joined the List!

    Best thing about beauty and its standards from all over the world is that they don’t stay the same, beautiful women make themselves noticed easily, especially if they’re new. This is the main reason this article needed an update, because some new beauties made their way in Vienna.

    Their names are Lolita and Gabriella from Maxim, and they are two brunette hotties with Romanian origins.

    The two girls managed to outrank Samira in our new and updated Toplist of the Most Beautiful girls in Vienna:

    1. Gabriella

    Gabriella from Nightclub Maxim lifting her top

    Gabriella is a 22 year old girl with long black hair and a pair of amazing eyes. She speaks fluent some of the most used languages in Europe’s sex scene: Romanian, English and Italian. Some of Gabriella’s hobbies include listening to music and sports.

    However, her main interest remains to be pleasing others. Gabriella can be found in Nightclub Maxim Wien, among other beautiful girls like our second place, Lolita.

    2. Lolita

    Maxim girl Lolita grabbing the pole

    Lolita was the number 1 in our list of the Newest Girls in Vienna for a couple of simple reasons: she was one of the newest girls at that time and a beauty among beauties. Lolita’s smile is one of her best features and her full lips would make most men think of lustful thoughts.


    Beautiful girl Samira in lingerie

    Samira remains in the new updated list of the Most Beautiful Girls in Vienna because she truly is a stunning sex-worker that Vienna is lucky to have. More details about Samira’s previous whereabouts and how a day with her would be below, in the older version of this Sex Toplist.

    This is our previous list of our Top6 Most Beautiful Girls in Vienna:

    1. Samira in Laufhaus Juchgasse

    Samira used to work in  Saunaclub Goldentime for about 3 years until she decided that she would like to try work in Laufhauses. Seems she found a new home in the 3rd district of Vienna

    2. Antonia in Nightclub Maxim Wien

    Although just a fairly new arrival, the photos on the Maxim website have motivated us immediately to go tot he club and see her there. She is a real and typical Romanian beauty with a lot of style and an genuinely pretty face.

    Antonia from Brothel Maxim Wien

    3. Lora in Laufhaus Vienna

    It is only fair that the best Laufhaus in town also attracts only the best girls or at least the best looking ones in that case. Lori is super sweet and real eye candy

    Lora from Laufhaus Vienna

    4. Denisa in Bar Manhattan on the Gürtel

    While we really do not recommend the clubs at the Gürtel very easily, this one is a real looker and worth mentioning at all cost – Denise used to work in Maxim as well for a short while but then has decided to go back to the kind of places where she is the undisputed beauty queen without much of competiton.

    Manhattan Bar is just the right place for that. In Maxim she was just one of many, even though she was one of the hottest even there.

    Denisa in Bar Manhattan on the Gürtel

    5. Daniela in Saunaclub Goldentime

    As it is already hard in Maxim to find the prettiest girl it is even harder in Goldentime as they have up to 80 girls on a good night. Daniela is yet again a typical Romanian beauty but with very European features and a top slender body to die for.

    On top ofthat she wears a smile that is just contageous and will make you smile with her immediately

    6. Beatrice in Saunaclub Funpalast

    Maybe Beatrice is the prettiest of them all. She is without a doubt drop dead gorgeous but also a very quiet and laid back girl who hardly smiles. For that simple reason she has less allure although in terms of beauty she is hard to surpass