6Toplist Best Striptease Bars in Vienna

This is our SexToplist of Best Striptease bars in Vienna. There are 4 worth mentioning now, 2 of which are currently closed.

1. Nightclub Maxim Wien

There are a few simple reasons to why Maxim is the number one Striptease bar in Vienna:

  • No entry fee
  • Open every day
  • Located in the center, near the Opera
  • Respectable owners, Austrian ones (no shady background)
  • Nice online presence and the Maxim website is pretty regularly updated, so you can see which girls are currently available
  • The only place where all the girls go to the rooms and also do escort
  • Maxim plays good music and their DJ is also a fantastic singer
  • Promotions, vouchers and bachelor parties discount

Formerly known as “Viagra”, they changed their name later on due to legal aspects into “Planet Girls Paradise”. It has a great international reputation.

Also, the girls are beautiful and have their updated portfolio on Maxim’s website.

These are the reasons as to why Maxim is not only the number one on our SexToplist Best Striptease Bars in Vienna, but also number one on the SexToplist of Best Sex Nightclubs in Vienna.

Sex Club and Night Club Maxim Wien

Kärntner Str. 61, 1010 Vienna, Austria

+43 699 17172031

2. Beverly Hills

  • Used to be a huge company in mid 90s to late 90s
  • Owned almost half of the center with their table dance bars
  • Now it’s the Last real Table Dance only bar
  • 15€ entry fee
  • High prices, no rooms, no escort
  • No sex
  • The bar is nice and they have a well-trained staff
  • The dancing is good

Beverly Hills’s empire of bars has come to an end.

Here’s what they owned in their time of glory:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Big Apple, famous for having male strippers too
  • Starclub, located very close to Maxim
  • Rush Hour
  • Restaurant “Schwimmende Pyramide”
  • Disco Nightclub “Celentano”.

[outgoing link=”” text=”Table Dance Bars in Vienna now and then” align=”right”]

All they’re left with is one last bar, the only real Table Dance bar. The period of time when Beverly Hills owned a lot of bars is the same in which table dance bars were the only thing available in Vienna, with no rooms to have sex with the girls.

More details on the subject of table dance bars prior to the legalization of brothels you can find here.

3. Velvet Palace

  • Small bar on the Gürtel
  • Opened approximately 2 years ago under this name
  • It’s currently closed
  • Never really been a moneymaking operation ( at least according to some of the girls who worked there)
  • Is in a dire need of a renovation and a skilled carpet cleaner

4. Privé

  • No online presence yet
  • Not much to say about them, it’s like they are a very well-kept secret
  • Seems to be already closed again for unknown reasons

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