6Toplist Laufhauses that have been recently shut down or closed

We present you with a piece of the Laufhauses’s history compiled on a list of closed or shut down Laufhauses. You can find reasons to why they closed or advantages they had in our SexToplist.

What is a Laufhaus?

A Laufhaus is a totally different than the other brothel forms you find in Austria and in Vienna in particular. A Laufhaus can best be described as a kind of sex hotel where the girls pay for the room and the guests pay for the sex, do their thing and leave. (Source and longer explanation here: Laufhaus Sex in Vienna)

1. Haus 599

  • Opened in late 2008 or early 2009
  • Had a perfect location in a very busy area of the Gürtel, right next to the Lugner City and the metro station
  • Had some pretty girls
  • The house itself was bad
  • Not the best clientele
  • Closed down in the second half of 2012
  • Had all the ingredients to a successful operation but it failed (They were also connected to a café bar, Café Rosso)

Even though they had all they needed for a successful laufhaus, it didn’t take long until they had to close down. We heard from some of the girls there that the majority of their clients were cheap and primitive. Maybe that’s the reason to why they closed, who knows?

2. Laufhaus Kontakthaus Schumanngasse

  • Belonged to the so-called “Kontakt group” which also runs Kontaktcafe, Kontakthof and Kontaktzentrum, among other smaller bars
  • Old house, but in great shape
  • The girl selection was quite alright
  • They had to close due to an issue with the rental contract which expired

3. Laufhaus Kontaktzentrum in Wagramerstraße

  • Belonged to the Kontakt group as well
  • Built on two stories to be a Laufhaus, therefore a quite nice house.
  • Always nice girls, cheapest rates for them, good management all in all
  • Had to close to reopen in another location,
  • We have yet to review the new location, but the girl’s portfolio doesn’t seem that impressive at the moment

4. Laufhaus Breitenfurterstraße

  • The most recently closed
  • Sometimes they had beautiful girls
  • Decent location, but nothing spectacular
  • Never really got to have a lot of traffic

Considering that the Laufhaus market in Vienna is already saturated and doesn’t need further Laufhauses we assume that the SexToplist of Closed Laufhauses may soon become longer.

In our opinion, 3 Laufhauses are quite enough to satisfy the current demand. Find out which are the 3 best Laufhauses in our SexToplist Best Laufhauses in Vienna.

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