Katrina Jade Wants more Anal Scenes with Evil Angel

Huge news coming from every separate direction! Remember Katrina Jade? Well, if your memory is vague, you don’t have to overflow your brain cords from the inner-core so that you exactly know the date when you wanked to her porn because I’ll relay some of her basic info and a picture to make sure you’ve got her locked and loaded!


Katrina was born on October 31st, 1991 in California and she’s the result of multi-national ancestry combined together over the generations, as she has, citing: Dutch, German, Irish, Italian, Hawaiian, Native American and Mexican ancestry. So if she forces you to recall on some of the persons you know of this decent, you’re 99% right, most of the time.

She debuted in 2014 on, a subtle porn site not very flashy and coordinating, but it was a bouncy start. She married a photographer going by the name Nigel Dictator, and they’re still together, and let’s skip this boring part of her bio. Katrina is 160cm tall and has medium sized boobs, 30F’s. She’s got a fancy ass that just seeks to get spanked all the time!

A quick list of her awards: Best Group Sex Scene (2017), Female Performer of the Year (2017), Best Lesbian Scene (2018). Okay, I hope I put it to a disclosure now. Let’s get right into the news!

Back in last August 2017, Katrina signed, don’t laugh, but an Anal Contract with the Evil Angel company, a half-year agreement that just recently ended. There were speculations whether Katrina will continue her collaborations with Evil Angel, and now it’s certain – as she released her very own, FIRST INTERRACIAL SCENE EVER, the courtesy of Evil Angel!

So that literally sealed the deal and closed out any threads discussing the outcome. Katrina Jade elaborated that she wanted to stay Evil Angel’s butthole princess, due to their effort they put in their anal scenes. Evil Angel’s vice president of product explained, that the production house received numerous of phone calls from fans, asking for a ‘to-the-letter,’ when will Katrina Jade’s first Interracial scene be out.

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The office responded generically, and now the vice president says that it is underway, she’s teaming up with Isiah Maxwell with whom she got sparks in the air when they film together, from the very first frame of shooting! That was all realized all thanks to Jonni Darko, a skillful director who made the entire thing look like a BOOM! Katrina agreed that she’s spoiled since she’s been taken care of 2 macho men, and she’s so confirmative about it, and it seems that she’ll be sticking with Evil Angel’s Anal Scenes for quite a time.

Katrina interviewed that it’s only Evil Angel that encourages her to be as wild as she can while filming every second of her anal-thriving! Her response that I found humorous for an interview, namely a part of it where she states ‘I want everyone in my ass’. Well, at least she’s being honest.

Gentile approved her message, she never thought about leaving for any other company, and he breaks down their relationship to a, ‘if you’re loyal to Katrina Jade, she’s loyal to you’.

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Her First Interracial Anal – starring Isiah Maxwell

This was exactly posted on 22nd of March this year, and it features Katrina’s lust for her man Isiah who’s at work, as she twirls her silky hair and poses for a selfie, all squared in her sexy lingerie, to send it to him while he’s busting his balls, metaphorically. She can’t wait any longer, she wants her anal canal to be drilled once and for all, and Isiah is the matching subject for the case!

She’s horny as fuck at home, her nipples on her nasty melons can pierce through armor, and it’s about time Isiah finally arrived back home! There’s no further waiting, he strikes her down and firstly uses his tongue to warmly prepare her bunghole for his massive monster in his trousers! Think about him getting a boner at work, that dick unleashes belts and zips!

Her comely butt lubricated itself with untrustworthy liquids, but that doesn’t stop Isiah Maxwell from plowing her insides immediately, without vaginal penetration as foreplay! Katrina finally sensed the dick in her ass, and she moaned for so long that record labels piled up around the house to ask her to sign their record deal, but, blow her off, she’s Evil Angel‘s peasant, that anal queen!


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Top Five of Katrina’s previous Anal scenes on Evil Angel

5. Deviant, Gaping Buttfuck

You may wonder if I said that she was a virgin before stepping into IR anal Sex, and well, that can be considered racist, it’s like, that everything before Isiah Maxwell was just a tickle on the fronts of her butthole! I’m just being honest, did you see the size of that log Isiah carries? US Army is signing a petition whether it should be labeled as a cold, lethal weapon, his dick! They want that dick in their forces!

Le Wood productions with Mark Wood in both the director’s seat and the front row of acting, is filming this demon Katrina and her luscious ass, teasing us to come and try to seduce her and be a part of the gang that banged her in the bum, since she plainly admitted that she wanted everyone to be in her ass! Whatever the hell that means whatsoever!

Katrina was flaunting her ass poolside to show us what will be raped in the next 30 minutes plus, and is it me, or does her ass ream some cream, or it’s just my eyes that are soaking up pre-tears since I’m so excited to see this babe getting her ass plucked like she’s land and your shoveling for gold down there! Mark Wood is a gold digger, and I’m not quite sure will he dig out gold or some coal, if you know what I mean!

The essence of Evil Angel’s Anal scenes are the pauses between the dick thrusting in the butt, pulling out and filming the natural phenomenon how a tight asshole is eager, or like Newton likes to call it, is inert and wants to go back to it’s original position by constricting the diameter of her extended ass! Plus, the picture is so clear, I can see her bowels clearly!


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4. Anal Threesome

Episode one of ‘I Am Katrina’ series features her being interviewed, then her narrating while the camera rolls on the shootings were she tried on different attire for her shows. She’s talking some serious shit but it’s so hard to focus on the word when you’ve got two of her tits aiming right at you, so it’s not really a ‘no-preference’ situation!

This is like a behind the scenes of Jonni Darkko‘s directed movie where she’s fucking John Strong and Markus Dupree, I think. This is kinda of a though-to-catch inception type of video and I hope this mindfuck ends, but the thing that keeps me sooth and calm is the fact that Katrina is also getting BRAIN-FUCKED by these two vicious dicks! I see that she’s also craving for deepthroats as her secondary objective after her Anal Canal gets plucked clean!

I can’t believe that a porn star goes through thorough make-up, washing, squeaking, perfecting, before she gets all messed up when fucked by two greaseballs that later drop a liters’ worth of sperm on her, which she subsequently needs to take off because it’s socially unacceptable to walk around while cum is dripping all over the public place!

Jonni Darkko seems like a charismatic character, but I wonder how he contains himself from leaping on this sexy bomb-shell of Katrina and adds an additional unit for the Double Penetration, which is doubly penetrating her ass only! Yes, two top-shelf cocks are entering her ass exclusively, while she masturbates for extra pleasure!


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3. Tattooed Bad Girl Katrina’s Anal Party

I feel sorry for Katrina’s pussy, it’s the most unvisited thing that got its customers stolen by other businesses like an Anal business right around the corner of her Pussy-Shop, read between the lines. On the mention of this scene’s name, I thought this would be an anal probation where a horde of guys is waiting to test out her asshole as whole to see if any repairs are needed.

Thankfully, it’s only Toni Ribas who climbed on her as a director and an actor, however, no one said that he’s merciful, at least more than a pack of guys! When he enters his oblivion stadium, Katrina’s sorry ass will be even sorrier, she’ll have bruises within, and later she will have to apply lotions and creams inside her butthole, of course with the help of reach by a dildo or Isiah’s cock, because his tower is able to extend that far!

In the beginning moments, she’s crawling in her lingerie, then standing up and shaking that booty to show-off with her fresh tat that says ‘Slut’ apparently, what, you thought it’s going to be in Chinese, some fraudulent writing or stuff like that?! Nevertheless, Toni does it POV style at first, and when he just was way too hot and in search for a vent, his cameraman took over so that he finishes what he came for. What a paradoxical cause isn’t it?

Toni wondered why her pussy is out of order for so long and he grabbed the idea to refurbish it and get it back to business, as he started out raping her vaginal entrance until she was soaking wet, and with his dick damp of all the pussy grease and crease, he swinged his sword for a pleasure increase, and he did not cease to amaze us with his skills! No homo, I promise!


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2. Katrina Jade’s 1st Adriano Anal Scene

Just concede when I ask you know, for how long have you waiting for this very moment, the cross-over featuring the hungriest whore for anal probe around the globe and a perpetrator of the most exciting anal scenes around the same Earth’s ball, ellipse or a flat plank. Katrina’s comely appearance was greeted with sunshine reflecting gadgets in white, to express her curves and her vivid colors more, with colorful objects in the background serving for our eyes.

The high heels with diamonds on go like a charm-combo with the fishnet around her ass, then blank space, and a fishnet covering her squishy tits which nipples are pierced through looking so harmful! The necklace/collar she was also wearing had shiny dots to flash us with the image Mike Adriano took, and her loopy earrings are the finishing touch of her beautiful face that’s looking straight at us so seductively!

That was all when it the party just commenced, and afterward – well, actually, I got the impression that Mike Adriano went pretty easy on her when you compare the rest of his girls that went off from his headquarters like their asshole was fallen apart after a session at his place!

Maybe that asshole is worth millions and he was extra careful with it, but really, it could’ve been better. Don’t think that it’s bad, it still is bootylicious and brutal, however, judging by the size of her gaping hole after Mike was done, it isn’t the biggest I ever seen after a Mike Adriano’s scene! That’s obscene! I thought this was going in hard! That’s why it’s ranked at number 2, sadly!


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1. The Hotwife

Gladly, the ‘I Am Katrina’ series’ episode 2 is pulling Mike from the dirt, and the porn documentaries really are appealing for the mass, for as long as there is ass on the pictures! The second one is far better than the first, which is counter-intuitive to today’s standards were sequels suck ass! Get it, suck ass?!

Nevertheless, this is behind the scenes of Mark Wood’s evil deeds that he inflicted on Francesca Le and our poor anal queen Katrina Jade, and his stiff dick hadn’t had any mercy from the day he entered the porn industry alongside his infidel wife! These scenes are called ‘docu-porn’ and they’re the main reason why Katrina kept her job and kept her composure with it, because they’re so fantastic, like guidance tours of the scenarios they made for a certain film!

Nigel, her husband, and Katrina are in-details about the hotwifing lifestyle, as Nigel explains how horny, hot and wrong at the same time he feels when his wife gets vanquished over by some dudes he knows as colleagues, like Mark Wood for instance! Katrina summoned back her memories from her past about how two random guys fucked her after a night out at the bar!

So many stories have been shared with us, and these docu-porn series seems so intimate to me like you’re sitting right in front of them while they confess their opinions, thoughts, life philosophies and the technical process behind a scene! It’s so damn interesting, plus it infuses hell of porn scenes to keep your focus maximally attained! I’d recommend you take a view of this!


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