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Sexiest Game of Thrones Characters 3rd-1st place

3rd: Cersei Lannister

[formatp]Cersei Lannister is an important character in all Game of Thrones’ seasons, giving a shocking first performance to remember her for the entire series. We are obviously talking about when she was caught having sex with her brother. So okay, having sex with your siblings was a common thing back then to ensure the maintenance of the royal blood but but having kids with your brother? That goes beyond our acceptance. But still, Cersei is that character whom we love to hate. She is mean, she is evil but she has charisma.[/formatp]

Amazing performance

The former wife of King Robert Baratheon dreamed of being queen since she was a child and will do everything to make sure the throne is still hers. Ambitious, confident in her authority and absolutely stunning, the beautiful Cersei is played by the actress Lena Headey who is, by the way 40 years old.

Cersei Lannister from GOTEven though age doesn’t show to the talented actress, she gives an amazing performance and strikes with her sex-appeal every time she appears on the scene. And she is just hot when she gets mad. Cersei might not have expose so much of her body so far, unlike to other female characters who appeared in fully nude but she definitely appeared in more sexy covers as Lena Headey.

Being a bad girl

In her early acting career she has done many similar roles such as “Queen Gorgo” in the movie “300” in 2007 and also appeared in “The Brothers Grimm” alongside actor Matt Damon. Lena’s character in Game of Thrones portrays this blond haired beauty that seems very determined to get all her wishes happen even if it means she has to kill everybody who stands in her way.

We know she is bad and that she succeeds almost every time but we can’t help loving her. Probably this is why she appears so sexy. Some look good with their evil grim on, some don’t. And Cersei definitely convinced us that she likes being a bad girl.

2nd: Margaery Tyrell

[formatp]Sweet Margaery has appeared as a beautiful girl with good blood running in the family that was perfect for marriage. And for the right to the Iron Throne. First she planned, along with her grandmother, to marry Renly Baratheon, the late king Robert’s brother but who unfortunately he turned out to be interested in men.[/formatp]

His loss, because otherwise we couldn’t imagine how someone could turn this devilish angel down. She then married king Joffrey into another attempt to get a hold of the throne, being one of the only person who could control Joffrey. And now that Joffrey is out of the equation, Margaery sees another opportunity of being queen by marrying the new successor of the iron throne, Tommen.

Tactical thinking

Margaery always showed wisdom and great tactical thinking when she handled men. When married to Renly, Margaery knew about the fact that he was gay and invited her brother, Loras, whom she knew her husband was fond of, into their bed.Margaery Tyrell, GOT

With Cersei envying her youth and beauty that threatens her status as queen, Margaery is in for the win at house Lannister. In the night of their marriage, Tommen was astounded by Margaery’s beauty in full nude, revealing her small yet perky breasts that convinced Tommen he had fell in love.

Unsure of his knowledge of women, Tommen admitted that he isn’t sure what to do, then Margaery assured him he has nothing to worry about taking the lead and with lust in her eyes she asked: “unlace me, my King” then turned down on her knees to give a preview to Tommen of how good she can make him feel and in the end they consummated their love.

Other roles

Actress Natalie Dormer played “Anne Boleyn” from the series “The Tudors” and in 2005 she appeared as “Victoria” in the movie “Casanova”. Therefor she is familiar with the historical series that sets the fantasies free. Originally from England, Natalie studied at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Her recent work involve the appearance in “Captain America: The First Avenger” in 2011, “Rush” in 2013 and she is yet to star in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay”.

1st: Daenerys Targaryan

[formatp]It is a must to place Daenarys in top of the list not only for her voluptuous body that she has been shown so far but also for her leader attitude that is impossible not to love. Her character is an exiled princess and the last survivor of House Targaryan, who used to rule over the land of Westeros. She started out as this insecure girl who didn’t knew what the throne meant but always felt she was special. After marring the ruler of the tribe Dothraki, Khal Drogo she became the queen of that people. [/formatp]

She got her trust in her power when the ladies that took care of her and taught her the language of her people, showed her how to please the imposing Khal Drogo. And by show, I mean actually show. The steamy scene where her female servant is teaching Daenarys how to please herself is blood pumping. Since she gained Khal and her people’s respect she was totally changed. A bossy lady who has the brains and strength to lead a tribe is a hot scene every time she appears on-screen.

Series favoritebobs of Daenerys Targaryan

The queen of dragons is one of the series favorite, along with other characters like Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark. The commanding Daenarys is stunning in every scene, whether she stares with a wise look over a land she plans to conquer, is covered in fire in order to hatch the three dragon eggs and then she lays naked with three baby dragons who she will later on train as her warriors or if she bargains with leaders all over the land she arrives in, self-secured and a bit flirtatious.

She receives quite a few marriage proposals since her husband died but the beautiful blonde is not an easy catch, although just one man caught her attention so far and boy oh boy, this girl is hot when she flirts.

Sexy brunette

Daenarys Targaryan is entitled to be the hottest women from Game of Thrones for her amazing performance as the mighty Khaleesi who will step on everyone who messes with her awaiting kingdom, people and dragons. [outgoing2 link=”” text=”Game of Thrones porn parody” align=”right”]

Her kind yet strong personality allows us to see how much she is willing to sacrifice and how much she loves her people, even Jorah Mormont, who has saved her several times and who would gladly give his life for Khaleesi. Unfortunately for Jorah, Khaleesi is a dedicated leader and wishes to conquer the land of Westeros and by all means, we all think she is the rightful successor.

The talented English actress’s name is Emilia Clarke who, as you can imagine, is not an icy-blonde in reality, but a sweet and 26-year-old sexy brunette that used to date comedian Seth MacFarlane but now is single. She entered the world of Hollywood by starring in commercials, small roles on television and in the sci-fi movie “Triassic Attack” in 2010. For her performance in Game of Thrones she received a EWwy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. In 2015 she is supposed to play “Sarah Connor” for the upcoming film “Terminator: Genesis”.

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